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Libronix DLS Videos

Video Tutorials for LDLS (Logos 3)

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Platform / Device


Operating System

Windows XP


Logos 3.0+

Libronix DLS is deprecated. Development for the LDLS platform stopped with the release of Logos Bible Software 4 and 5 but an achrive of old support articles and basic training is available below, but may not be compatible with current computers and operating systems.

Please note: This page is not currently being maintained. It is an archive of old information related to the discontinued Logos Bible Software 3.0/Libronix engine.

If you have not yet upgraded to Logos 4, or higher, visit to see what discounts you qualify for. Upgrading not only gets you the new Logos 4 engine, but also offers you potentially hundreds of new books, resources, and features. Don’t wait, upgrade today! To watch videos on our latest version, Logos 4, visit

  • Tutorials apply to Logos Bible Software 3 (Libronix Digital Library System 3.0)
  • Duration of each video ranges from 1 to 24 minutes, with the majority of videos running just a few minutes. After the title of each video you will see duration (minutes:seconds) followed by approximate file size.
  • Depending on your screen size and resolution, you may want to press the F11 key after launching a video to play it back in full screen mode.
  • Tutorial videos require the Flash Player plugin, which can be freely downloaded from
  • We're working on videos for the topics below that are not yet linked. Request a video on a topic of your choice!


Installation and Updates

Customizing Logos

Overview of New Features in Logos Bible Software 3

Logos for New Users

Logos for Intermediate Users


Example Searches Using Logos 3

  • Introduction to Logos Searching Concepts (2:36, 1.97MB)
    Understand why Logos is a powerful search tool and learn how to use the "Intelligent Search Button" on your tool bar.
  • Bible Search Engine (3:16, 2.86MB)
    Learn how to search for words in all or part of the bible with one or more translations.
    (Collection files for Bibles: English | Greek | Hebrew - right-click link and choose "Save Target As...", save to \My Documents\Libronix DLS\Collections\)
  • Bible Speed Search - Advanced (2:36, 1.79MB)
    Take your Bible Speed Search one step further by searching for phrases, examining underlying Greek Morphology, and even search on a Greek Word.
  • Basic Search Engine (6:10, 5.5MB)
    Discover the power of the basic search for searching for words, phrases, data types, and fields.
  • Basic Theology Search (2:50, 2.65MB)
    Use proximity search to focus your results...and discover the theology of a passage!
    (See the blog post for additional details. Collection files for theologies: Scholar's Library | Scholar's Library: Silver | Scholar's Library: Gold | Mega Collection - right-click the link that matches the product you own and choose "Save Target As...", save to \My Documents\Libronix DLS\Collections\)
  • Hebrew Morphological Bible Search (11:49, 11.7MB)
    Learn to refine and customize a Hebrew morphoplogical word search easily with Logos.
    (Video references The First Hebrew Primer)
  • Aramaic Morphological Bible Search (14:37, 7.93MB)
    Learn to refine and customize an Aramaic morphological word search easily with Logos.
  • Greek Morphological Bible Search (11:26, 7.93MB)
    Learn to refine and customize a Greek morphological word search easily with Logos.
  • Fuzzy Searching (2:52, 2.91MB)
    Find that half-remembered phrase in a Bible or other resource.
  • Reference Browser (2:21, 1.64MB)
    Do you like scripture indexes in books? Well, this video demonstrates how to search any book in Logos for a scripture reference.
    (Collection file available below)
  • Topic Browser (1:49, 1.43MB)
    Take your topic search to a whole new level with this video overview of the Topic Browser.
    (Collection File - right-click link and choose "Save Target As...", save to \My Documents\Libronix DLS\Collections\)


Introducing the Concepts and Benefits of Syntax
The Andersen-Forbes Analyzed Text of the Hebrew Bible Syntactically Analyzed Greek New Testament
Lexham Syntactic Greek New Testament
Syntax-Related Video on the Logos Blog

Sermon File Addin


Last Updated: 3/29/2013