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Biblical People Addin

The Biblical People Addin makes understanding complex lineages and interpersonal relationships in the Bible easy, by offering you visual diagrams of family trees, servant-master relationships, and links to scripture references that contain a person throughout the Bible.

Biblical People Add-inBiblical People Add-In

One of the best features of this tools is its incorporation within the Passage Guide report. Every passage reference that contains a person or references a family will now return that person's Biblical People diagram and quick links to studying that person in greater depth.

The Biblical People Addin also serves as its own report under the Bible Data menu. Here you can execute studies on individuals referenced in scripture and return a report of all verses that reference the person, their family diagram, which shows family, servant-master, and disciple relationships to other biblical people. The task of understanding complicated family structures or simply studying the Line of David is simple with this amazing tool.

Biblical People Add-In

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