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Who Should We Interview Next?

Logos users are an involved community. Between blog subscribers, forum members, Facebook fans, and followers on Twitter and Google Plus, we have over 200,000 followers. It’s amazing to see the level of engagement among our users!

Photo contests and surveys, plus simple questions like “Who have you been reading lately?” and “Who do you think was the most influential pastor of the 20th century?,” have resulted in tons of responses.

So we thought we’d ask a new question: who should we interview next?

The Logos blog has featured quite a few interviews over the years, including:

We’ll read through your suggestions and consider your nominations. If the opportunity is right, we may pursue a video interview, like the one we did with N. T. Wright, or conduct an interview for a Bible Study Magazine issue.

So who should we interview next? J. I. Packer or John PiperD. A. Carson or Tremper Longman lll?

Tell us who you want to see interviewed in the comments!

Written by
Nate Smoyer

Nate Smoyer was a new products manager at Faithlife for over four years and now serves as Director of Marketing for Avail.

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Written by Nate Smoyer