Earn 1/5 of Your DMin in Just 9 Days

Scripture is packed with striking imagery: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the fruit of the Spirit, peace like a river, and the Lamb of God, to name just a few.

Although many of these images have become ubiquitous in Christian life, there’s a lot we don’t know about them. What did they mean to the early church? What do they symbolize, particularly in regard to creation and redemption? Which writers focused on which images, and why? Understanding biblical images is integral to interpreting Scripture, yet much of their meaning can be lost in translation. That’s why Knox Theological Seminary’s Dr. Warren Gage is coming to Logos’ headquarters to teach a new class devoted to biblical hermeneutics.

“Gospel Hermeneutics 1: Typology, Symbol, and the Christ” is a five-day course that will earn you three credits toward your DMin from Knox Theological Seminary. This class will examine the Bible’s key images and the meaning behind them. You’ll leave equipped with powerful preaching tools, and you’ll unearth the visual beauty of the written Word.

The details

  • What: earn three credits toward your DMin by taking “Gospel Hermeneutics 1: Typology, Symbol, and the Christ”
  • When: June 20–25
  • Who: Dr. Warren Gage will be instructing the course
  • Where: Logos’ headquarters in beautiful Bellingham, WA
  • How: enroll in Knox’s DMin program by June 1

Double your credit by attending Camp Logos

Want to earn another class’ worth of credit in just three days? Then stick around after Dr. Gage’s class for Camp Logos (June 26–28)—an engaging Bible study seminar led by pastor and teacher Morris Proctor, the certified trainer for Logos Bible Software.

Camp Logos provides training with Logos software, a tour of Logos’ headquarters, interaction with Logos leadership, and intense fellowship around the Word. And now it provides three Knox credits, too—with the class’ and Camp Logos’ combined six credits, you’ll earn one-fifth of your thirty-credit DMin in just nine days. This training seminar attracts Logos users and theological students from all over the world, so don’t miss out! If you’re interested in earning academic credit, contact Knox for the syllabus.

Enroll in Knox’s DMin program by June 1, and then sign up for the Bellingham Camp Logos to earn one-fifth of your DMin in just nine days!

Written by
Sherri Huleatt

Sherri Huleatt is a copywriter, marketer, and storyteller. When she doesn't have her head buried in a book, you can find her camping, cooking, or laughing at a pun.

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Written by Sherri Huleatt