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Explore the New Web Resources Section in the Counseling Guide

The Counseling Guide arrived on the scene in Logos 9.0. With this tool, we can investigate over 300 themes or topics to assist us with our people-helping skills. Since its addition to the software, it has continued to expand—and the improvements in the recent release of 9.5 are no exception.

Several new sections were added in 9.5, including Journals, Lectures, and Web Resources.

In this brief blog, I simply want to call your attention to Web Resources:

  • Open the Counseling Guide from the Guides menu
  • Type Depression in the Counseling topic box (A)
  • Press the Enter key to generate the report
  • Notice the various links in the Web Resources section (B)

  • Click a link to open that page in your web browser (C)

These articles, videos, books, etc. have been curated by a team at Faithlife to specifically correspond to the current theme in the Counseling Guide! A tip-of-the-hat to the team!!

This is just one of numerous 9.5 changes to the software. To watch a replay of a FREE 45-minute training webinar in which I explain the major 9.5 tweaks, please register and watch at your convenience.

Written by
Adam B. Shaeffer

Adam B. Shaeffer (PhD, Durham University) rarely had time for books until he discovered the fantasy novels on his dad's shelf at age 12; the rest is history. His primary research interests revolve around the interplay between theology and literature, attending to fiction's power to narrate theological insights through the thoughts and lives of imagined people and places. His poetry and fiction have appeared in *Jabberwocky,* *Resident Aliens,* and *This Mutant Life.*

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Written by Adam B. Shaeffer