Truth is Strange: Do UFO Stories and the Unseen Realm Overlap?

“If we’re really honest,” says Dr. Michael Heiser, “the world is a lot stranger than we think.”

In Aliens & Demons, this respected Bible scholar adroitly navigates the fringe world of tabloid tales and government conspiracy theories. Along the way he uncovers a weird intersection between UFOs and the realm of angels and demons.

But the questions he asks (and the alternatives he offers) in this must-see documentary from Faithlife TV won’t deliver you to the same place as the latest alien or sci-fi movie.

Instead, Dr. Heiser takes on pop culture UFO legends while following the truth where it leads—into the pages of Scripture and the shadows of an unseen world. Admittedly, most of us do not navigate that world easily.

Still the questions remain: Are UFO sightings legitimate? If so, why do so many alien abduction stories embrace New Age mysticism and blatant anti-Christian notions? Are there similarities between these narratives and satanic rituals? Even if the rest of us are too shy to ask such direct questions, Dr. Heiser doesn’t hesitate.

In fact, the parallels he reveals between UFO culture and a spiritual world are unsettling but no coincidence. And ultimately, Aliens & Demons pulls us from our easy chairs to confront the heart of what we truly believe: What do we think of the Bible, and on what do we base the deepest tenets of our faith?
As Dr. Heiser reminds us, “This is a big deal.”

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Written by
Robert Elmer

Robert Elmer has written more than fifty books, including youth and adult fiction, nonfiction, and devotional. He earned his undergraduate degree in communications and Bible from Simpson University, with post-graduate studies in education at St. Mary’s College. He began his career as a copywriter, reporter, and news editor, and is now the editor of the “Prayers of the Church” series from Lexham Press, which includes Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans and Fount of Heaven: Prayers of the Early Church. Robert and his wife make their home in the Pacific Northwest.

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Written by Robert Elmer