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Training Mailbag: How Do I Link SongSelect by CCLI and Proclaim?

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In this week’s training mailbag segment, we’ll be fielding additional questions about using Proclaim. As always, whether we’ve addressed your questions or not, we’d love to hear from you! Add your questions as new comments below, and we may answer them in an upcoming mailbag segment.

1. I hear SongSelect works well with Proclaim. How do I link them?

You heard right! The two work well together, and linking them takes only a couple of minutes.

First, expand the account menu and select Link Your Accounts. Then, select ENTER INFO next to SongSelect by CCLI and enter your credentials.

Click Continue and then click Allow to confirm that you want to give Proclaim access to your account.

After following those simple steps, you can now automatically add the lyrics into your Proclaim slides from every SongSelect song to which you have access!

For more information on importing your PowerPoint or Keynote presentation into Proclaim, click here to see detailed steps on connecting Proclaim to your SongSelect account, or click here to learn how to add song slides to your presentation.

2. How much media do I get with Proclaim Pro Media?

Adding the Pro Media Library to your Proclaim subscription bumps your library up to 15,000+ assets, including our ever-growing library of topical series. Adding Partner Media to your subscription adds an additional 10,000+ motions, stills, and mini-movies!

And, of course, you can always create your own media and access media created and shared by the Proclaim community.

Click here to learn about integrating licensed media into your presentations with Proclaim.


We hope this answers some of your questions about Proclaim. If this raised any other questions for you, feel free to comment below!

You can also find many answers by checking out the Help Center.

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