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The Smart Way to Get Started with the Original Languages

Have you always wanted to to learn the original languages the Scriptures were written in? Unlock the keys to the past and allow Mobile Ed and Logos Bible Software to guide you through your personal, professional, or academic original-language studies. Mobile Ed: Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos 6 is fully integrated with Logos Bible Software equipping you with the tools you need to dig deeper into these languages. Here are the top six features that will change the way you learn biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos Bible Software and Mobile Ed.

1. Learn in community with Faithlife Groups

Connect with fellow students, pastors, and leaders in Faithlife Groups. Each course is connected to a group where you can participate and share with others, allowing you to interact and contribute to university-caliber discussions about Greek and Hebrew.

2. Broaden your understanding with searchable transcripts

Utilize the detailed, interactive transcripts created by Mobile Ed to explore the courses’ content. When Michael Heiser or Johnny Cisneros mentions a topic you want to learn more about, simply click on the word in the transcript and you’ll be instantly connected to every place in your library where that topic is mentioned.

3. Take notes within each course

Create your own notes that remain in your library to document your professor’s insights as well as your own. These notes will continue to guide you throughout your original language studies.

4. Discover all-new video content

The courses are integrated into Logos Bible Software, giving you access to a massive digital library and suite of tools to study your topic further. Video tutorials teach you about the original languages as well as how to use Logos to do your own original-language research.

5. Delve into additional readings

Recommended readings complement the lecture, add depth, and provide richer perspectives. With a click, you’re taken to the exact book, page, and paragraph in your library where the reading appears.

6. Test your biblical Hebrew and Greek knowledge

Self-assessments ensure you’ve mastered the material and you’re staying on track.


Begin your original-language studies today. Get Mobile Ed: Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos 6!

Written by
Liz Melton
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Written by Liz Melton