The Next Step for the Unseen Realm: Documentary Screening at Michael Heiser’s Church

By Jesse Meyers

Earlier this month, I had a chance to cross the velvet rope and walk the red carpet. 

The Oscars? Nope, not this year. (Snubbed again!) 

No, I was part of a delegation of Faithlifers in attendance at the premiere of The Unseen Realm movie in Jacksonville, Florida. We arrived in the evening and watched as well over 1000 people streamed in to view the film.

When I found out last year that Dr. Michael S. Heiser’s time at Faithlife was coming to a close, I felt a tinge of sadness at the end of several years of working together, although I could sense his sincere excitement at the opportunity to build a school of theology at Celebration Church. the unseen realm movie

I joined The Unseen Realm book launch team shortly after starting at Faithlife six years ago. Since the book’s release, I’ve seen the impact of Mike’s teaching all over the world. The Unseen Realm has crossed the 100,000 unit sales milestone and shows no signs of slowing down. 

A documentary distilling The Unseen Realm is a natural next step for the book, bringing his insights to a new audience. Mike’s existing fans will love it. But anyone who takes the Bible seriously will find much to ponder. 

the unseen realm movie blogDuring our time in Jacksonville, I had the opportunity to spend time with Mike and the pastoral staff at Celebration Church where he’s now working. It’s a church with a mix of vibrant ministries that feels called to strengthen the biblical foundation of their teaching ministry—and they have hired Mike to help them do that. 

By the end of my trip, that tinge of sadness I felt when Mike left last year was replaced by an infectious sense of excitement at this new stage in Mike’s ministry and the role we at Faithlife will continue to have in it. 


Whether you keep up with Dr. Heiser’s work or you’re interested the supernatural, you can get instant access to The Unseen Realm, a brand-new Faithlife Original film, for as little as $18.99. Watch it now, and let us know what you think!

Jesse Myers is Associate Publisher and Manager of Book Publishing for Lexham Press.

the unseen realm movie blog

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