The Faithlife Study Bible Just Got Better

We promised that we would continue to add relevant, up-to-date content to the Faithlife Study Bible and accompanying resources, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.

For example, the Lexham Bible Dictionary, the world’s most advanced Bible dictionary, is getting bigger and better. And since the Lexham Bible Dictionary comes with the Faithlife Study Bible, this means the FSB is getting bigger and better, too.

We’re excited to announce the addition of 58 new articles to the Lexham Bible Dictionary. This update includes articles written by scholars such as Alan J. HauserDouglas Stuart, and many others.

These articles cover topics like war in the New Testament, sacrifice in the Old Testament, biblical languages, the history of Mesopotamia, and more. Since October, we’ve added over 150,000 words, making the Lexham Bible Dictionary over 1.7 million words total—all currently free of cost.

How to find Lexham Bible Dictionary articles

As you’re reading in your Faithlife Study Bible app, you may see an icon in the study notes, like the one next to the word “Parousia” in the image below.


That icon indicates that a Lexham Bible Dictionary article on this topic is available. This article happens to be one of the articles included in this update. When you click on it, the article shows up in the notes section, on the bottom half of your screen.


The Lexham Bible Dictionary is currently completely free, along with the Faithlife Study Bible. If you already own the Faithlife Study Bible, simply update your app to receive the new articles.

If you don’t have the free Faithlife Study Bible yet, download it today.

Written by
Tayler Beede
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Written by Tayler Beede
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