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Kids – The best seminary study guide

A recent conversation with Little Man: Just a Guy (JG) – So, what did you learn about in class (Sunday School) today? Little Man (LM) – Ummm… Jesus— and Matthew. JG – Oh, what did you you learn about Jesus and Matthew...

My son is going to seminary

At dinner I was explaining to Little Man that I was learning Hebrew and that Hebrew has a alphabet (he has learned the English alphabet so I was trying to bridge that connection). So, I got out my Hebrew alphabet sheet and we went through the letter...

Advice for families going to seminary

While scouring the internet today for more information to help us all on our seminary journeys I stumbled across a great post on tHe Resurgence (not to be confused with theresurgence.com). The post, Advice for Seminary Students with Families (&...

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