Stressing about Your Church’s Fall Kickoff? Free Report

It’s a hard time to be a pastor or church leader. Everyone has an opinion on how to tackle their church’s fall kickoff and what precautions to take.

It’s a small comfort, but churches around the nation are asking the same questions and making the same plans you are.

To help you navigate this fall wisely, we surveyed hundreds of church leaders to learn about their plans and the most common practices. We’ve summarized their responses in the brand-new report, Fall Kickoff: How Churches Are Going Digital in a Time of Social Distancing.

In this FREE report, you’ll see answers to questions like:

  • How will your services be different this fall?
  • What have you started during the pandemic that you plan to keep?
  • How have the past few months affected your church—and your outlook on the future?
  • And more

We can’t see the future, but we know things won’t go back to the way they were. Get your free report to start planning ahead.

ad for the fall kickoff report on how churches are safely reopening

Written by
Taylor Blomquist

Taylor is the Marketing Manager for Logos Bible Software. He loves spending time with his family, discussing theology, and playing golf.

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Written by Taylor Blomquist
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