Text Verse of the Day Artwork Using the New Faithlife Keyboard!

There’s a new way to message your friends and family on your iPhone—it’s easy, it’s free, and it’s a great way to express your faith.

It’s called Faithlife Keyboard.

The inspirational Verse of the Day art that you’ve come to love is now easier than ever to share with your friends. You could even encourage members of your congregation by sending the perfect verse along with inspiring artwork.

Get Faithlife Keyboard free in the App Store and follow the setup instructions—you’ll immediately access Verse of the Day art, animated GIFs, stickers featuring encouraging phrases, and more!

Browse thousands of Bible-verse illustrations

Verse of the Day artwork brings your favorite Bible passages to life—discover new artwork each day, created by Faithlife’s very own in-house designers. Find new artwork like this in your Logos 6 desktop and in your free Logos Bible app every single day:




Get Faithlife Keyboard now! 

Message your friends and family in a meaningful way

Verse of the Day art is an encouraging and refreshing way to start your day, and now you can help your loved ones start their day in the same great way—just send an uplifting Bible message using the new Faithlife Keyboard! Explore different illustrations based on categories like Faith, Grace, or Redemption, or search for art based on any book in the Bible.

Get the new Faithlife Keyboard from the App Store, and try it on your iPhone today!




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Written by
Eric Vaniman
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Written by Eric Vaniman
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