Are You Preparing Your Church for Christmas?

prepare for Christmas

If you’re a church leader, by now you’re probably knee-deep in preparation for Christmas. From planning extra services to crafting upcoming sermon series to fit the season, there’s a lot to keep track of.

And there are plenty of resources out there to help you do it. With so many Christmas-themed books, small group and Sunday school curricula, workbooks, journals, and DVD series to wade through, how do you know what to trust?

How can you be confident that what you have is biblical, up-to-date with recent scholarship, and trustworthy?

Our brand new Mobile Ed & Faithlife TV Plus church subscription bundle includes thousands of videos on all the key subjects you want your congregation to master—discipleship, leadership, apologetics, theology, and much more.

And yes, we have videos that are perfect for Christmas, too!

For the price of just a few Mobile Ed courses, you can unlock streaming of the entire Mobile Ed video catalog (over 7,000 lecture segments from all 130+ Mobile Ed courses) AND Faithlife TV Plus (over 1,000 videos) for your entire church.

Here are just three ways the Mobile Ed & Faithlife TV Plus church subscription bundle can help your congregation remember what Christmas is all about.

Remember that the story is true

Far too often the Christmas story becomes just that: a story. We’re so familiar with the tale of shepherds, wise men, angels, and a star that they begin to take on a mythic quality. But to echo C.S. Lewis’ famous phrase, the story of Jesus is the story of myth come true. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, actually walked this earth, actually lived a human life. God didn’t just become human—he became a part of human history.

But does what we dig up in Israel bear resemblance to the stories we read of Jesus in the Gospels? Archaeology & Jesus takes you on archaeological digs in the Holy Land, revealing the groundbreaking finds that illuminate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Unlock this and thousands of other videos for your entire church with a Mobile Ed/Faithlife TV Plus subscription.

Remember the power of the Incarnation

“Veiled in flesh, the Godhead see;
Hail th’incarnate deity!”
—Charles Wesley, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”

The central theological event of the Christmas story is unquestionably the Incarnation. This Christmas, imagine walking with your small group or Sunday school class through a series of fascinating talks on this important theological doctrine.

A Mobile Ed/ Faithlife TV Plus subscription unlocks the entire Mobile Ed video catalog—including every video from Gary Breshear’s Mobile Ed course Christology: The Doctrine of Christ.

Gain a better understanding of Jesus Christ as you explore how God became man, how we can be like Jesus, and what a real difference he makes in our lives. Examine the historical reality that Jesus was fully incarnate through the Virgin Mary, lived a human life, died for our sins, rose for our justification and to bring us new life, and is exalted in the highest heaven above all powers.

Every member of your church can access every video from Christology: The Doctrine of Christ when you get the Mobile Ed/Faithlife TV Church Bundle. Take advantage of this limited-time offer now!

Remember to Worship

When the shepherds encountered the infant Christ, they returned home worshipping God. (Luke 2:20) Christmas isn’t just a time for reflecting on theological truths or enjoying familiar traditions, powerful though that may be. Ultimately, Christmas is an invitation to worship the Word made flesh.

For centuries, George Friedric Handel’s “Messiah” has inspired Christians all over the world with its musical treatment of the Christmas story. Included in this subscription is a moving, two-hour performance of Handel’s masterpiece—performed on location in the Holy Land by the Upper Galilee Choir and Ranaana Symphonette Orchestra.

Share this powerful worship experience with your congregation. Get the limited-time bundle now.


Hurry, this deal won’t be around long. Unlock these and thousands of other videos for your entire church with a Mobile Ed/Faithlife TV Plus subscription.

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