On Career Change, Writing, and the Daily Bible Audio

An extended, personal interview with author and musician Brian Hardin, founder of the Daily Audio Bible.

To know what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, it helps to define what it doesn’t mean. . .

Accomplished recording producer Brian Hardin experienced a mediocre Christian faith until one day, he purposed to read the Bible daily. His resolve led to the start of the Daily Audio Bible, which after eight years has had more than 55 million downloads and feeds hundreds of thousands of listeners each day.

In the process of reading the Bible to his growing audience every day without fail, Brian found it necessary to entirely reframe his perception of God into a relationship as real as any experienced here on earth.

Reframe challenges you to change your paradigm about your relationship and connection with God, because in truth, you are engineered so that life will not work without Him. Reframe invites you to reconsider life and what it might look like if you were ruined for anything else but a life-giving connection to the almighty God.

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Sneezing Jesus

One sneeze can spread a virus far and wide. It’s also a very human thing to do. This is how the gospel spread from a remote fishing village to encompass the globe—through the stories about Jesus. It was passed on from person to person, multiplying and infecting the earth.

Jesus asked, “Who do you say that I am?” This question has reverberated throughout history, for all who believe must answer it.

Using firsthand knowledge of the land in which Jesus walked, deep knowledge of the Gospels, and the voice of a storyteller, Brian Hardin seeks to answer this question. He puts contextual flesh and bones to the Gospel narratives and tells “the story behind the stories” we think we know.

Sneezing Jesus focuses on the way Jesus demonstrates how the human and the divine can occupy the same place at the same time. The reader is invited to know Jesus for who He was and is—the Human God.

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