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30 Songs about the Holy Spirit You Need to Hear

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There’s been an overwhelming number of worship songs about the Holy Spirit released in the last two decades.

Common themes fill these songs: revival in our churches, renewing of our faith, resting in the love of God.

Here’s a look at thirty songs about the Holy Spirit to add to your Sunday setlist (maybe not all at once) or Holy Spirit songs playlist.

1. “Rest On Us,” Maverick City Music, UPPERROOM

Atlanta-based Maverick City Music collides with the UPPERROOM worship movement for this Holy Spirit-centric anthem. Released in 2021, “Rest On Us” takes worshippers on a journey with the Spirit of God from Genesis to the moment you find yourself listening. 

Come down, Spirit.
When you move you make my heart pound, when you fill the room.
You’re here and I know you are moving,
I’m here and I know you will fill me.

The song serves as a reminder to the modern believer that the Spirit described in the Bible is just as available to fill us today as it was to Jesus’ followers at Pentecost.

2. “Fresh Wind,” Hillsong Worship

Released in January 2021, Hillsong Worship’s “Fresh Wind” was a welcome call for revival on the heels of 2020. Need we go into the reason why? In typical Hillsong Worship fashion, they unlock a need the world can understand with a message we all need. 

We need a fresh wind, the fragrance of heaven.
Pour your spirit out, pour your spirit out.

Regardless of the song’s well-timed release, it offers a timeless message of our need for the Holy Spirit.

3. “The Dove,” The Belonging Co, Kari Jobe

From Nashville-based The Belonging Co. and led by Kari Jobe, “The Dove” leans into the imagery of the Spirit as a dove. It tells the story of the Spirit of God throughout all of Scripture—carrying that image from stories of the flood in Genesis to the Spirit descending at Christ’s baptism. Ultimately, the song leads to the point of our own personal encounters with the Spirit.

Let this be an upper room,
light the flame we burn for You
Holy, Holy, Holy Spirit.

4. “Holy Spirit Come,” Patrick Mayberry

Patrick Mayberry’s “Holy Spirit Come” is a feel-good anthem dedicated to the heart of worship and the Holy Spirit. The song comes to us off of Mayberry’s 2021 album, Our God Is Coming Back. The chorus is powerful—and catchy, as Mayberry belts the song’s titular line, “Holy Spirit, come.” 

Come like a flood, like a fire, Holy Spirit.
Fall in this place, fill our hearts.

This song sits in a rare space where it would be equally at home in a church service or on the radio.

5. “Spirit of the Living God,” Vertical Worship

’Cause when You speak, when You move,
When You do what only You can do
It changes us, It changes what we see and what we seek.

“Spirit of the Living God” is from Vertical Worship’s 2015 album, Church Songs. The lyrics blend a call on the Holy Spirit and a calling on ourselves—particularly as a church congregation—to recognize the power of the Spirit. 

The lyrics prompt contemplation of our desires, seeking alignment with the Holy Spirit. That’s what makes this song particularly powerful in congregational worship. It asks the worshipper to first seek the kind of revival in their own heart that leads to revival in our churches—and beyond.

When we give our attention to the Spirit, it creates space for the works of the Spirit and the alignment of our hearts to his will in our lives and churches.

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6. “Fall Like Rain,” Passion

“Fall Like Rain” from Passion’s 2023 live album I’ve Witnessed It blurs the line—in the best way—between personal prayer and power ballad.

The lyrics are a reminder of our ultimate purpose: to serve and worship God. Lines like “You alone are worthy of my praise, / Stir in me a passion for Your Name” stoke the fire in us to let go of the lesser things in this world and let the Spirit flood our hearts and desires.

7. “Lord Send Revival,” Hillsong Young & Free

Young & Free is Hillsong’s “youth band.” The lyrics feel fresh and call for revival not just in ourselves or in our churches, but within the marginalized in our communities and beyond.

Come Holy Spirit, rain down on me,
Break open the heavens and drench the unseen.

Songs like this make it loud and clear that Young & Free is not just Hillsong’s summer camp band. (Even though the live recording video is in fact from camp!) Still, maybe there’s a thing or two older generations of worship leaders and listeners could learn from Young & Free.

8. “Your Spirit,” Tasha Cobbs Leonard

“Your Spirit” is from gospel songwriter Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s 2017 album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit.

The song immediately stands out from many contemporary worship songs via its full choir and powerful vocal performances. The lyrics are a reminder that we can recognize the Spirit, not by force, but by shifting our attention to him.

Not by might,
Not by power,
By your spirit,
Send your Spirit, God.

9. “Touch of Heaven,” Hannah Hobbs

Hannah Hobbs lept onto the scene with a 2022 debut, Sundown. “Touch of Heaven” is a heartfelt cry of worship and desire for the Lord above the things of this world.

All the noise dies down, Lord, speak to me now
You have all my attention, I will linger and listen.

This song is dynamic, with enough space for true reflection and enough intensity to stay engaged. The melodies you’ll hear in this song hark back to groups like All Sons & Daughters, inviting you to recognize the “noise” that’s distracting you from the Lord.

10. “By The Spirit,” Pat Barrett

Pat Barrett came to prominence in the Atlanta-based worship band Housefires. You’re likely already familiar with his songs, including “Build My Life” and “Good, Good Father.”

“By the Spirit” is from his 2021 album, Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly. The lyrics are about learning where our strength comes from. Despite any fears or immediate circumstances we may face, our hope is in the Goodness of God.

I’m laughing in the face of fear,
’Cause Your perfect love is with me here.

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11. “Holy Spirit,” Bryan & Katie Torwalt

While there certainly were Holy Spirit-based songs before this one came along, this is likely the first one you heard regularly in contemporary worship music.

Originally released on Bryan & Katie Torwalt’s 2011 album Here on Earth, “Holy Spirit” is a congregational call to worship and recognition of his presence among his people.

Holy Spirit, You are welcome here.
Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.
Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for.
To be overcome by Your presence, Lord.

12. “Fill This Place,” Red Rocks Worship

“Fill This Place” found its way onto Colorado-based Red Rocks Worship’s The Rooftop EP in 2014 and eventually their live album Here in 2017. The song is a high-energy anthem with a common theme in the verses of the light, love, hope, and peace the Spirit brings—while focusing on our need for the Spirit in the choruses.

Father, we’re crying out!
Spirit we need You now!
Glorious love surrounds us;
Lord, come and fill this place.

Note to any worship leaders out there: if you’re going to kick off service with a song on the Holy Spirit, you can’t go wrong with this one.

13. “Fall Afresh,” Kari Jobe 

“Fall Afresh” comes from Kari Jobe’s 2017 album The Garden. The lyrics are a reminder for anyone feeling disconnected from the Spirit that rather than abandoning our faith, we can abandon ourselves before the Spirit.

It’s the power of Your presence that changes us,
Your glory all around us,
And we’re undone,
You open up the heavens,
And fall afresh on us.

The song declares that the Spirit is always available to us whether we’ve walked away from our faith, or simply gotten lost in the demands of everyday life.

14. “Flood the Earth,” Jesus Culture

What started as a youth group band, Jesus Culture has remained a mainstay in modern worship music since early songs—including “Your Love Never Fails” and “Break Every Chain”—hit the scene. “Flood the Earth” comes from their 2017 album, Love Has a Name. This song is a prayer for the Spirit to flood the earth with his presence.

While it speaks to the revival theme you’ll find in many of the songs listed here, it does so in a unique way. Bringing to mind imagery of the flood in Genesis, rather than an outpouring of wrath, “Flood the Earth” calls for a different kind of flood.

Let Your glory and Your power,
Let Your majesty and worth,
Flood the earth,
Flood the earth.

15. “Spirit Fall,” Passion/Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin songs are singable and solid. “Spirit Fall,” from Passion’s 2011 album Here for You, is no exception. The song’s four succinct sections begin with a calling on the Spirit.

Like a mighty wind
Light the fire again
Come and breathe
Your breath on me.

The song lands on a final tag reminding us that we are given the Spirit in order to magnify the work of Christ.

16. “Your Presence Is a Promise,” Mack Brock

Off of Brock’s 2020 release, SPACE, “Your Presence Is a Promise” pulls from the themes of Psalm 23. Lines include “In the valley I know, you won’t let me go,” echoing verse four of the Psalm, which reads:

Even though I walk through the darkest valley,  I will fear no evil, for you are with me. (Ps 23:4 NIV)

In that way, the song is a refreshing reminder that the Spirit in us now is the same Spirit in Scripture. In some ways, this song reminds me of Brock’s song with Elevation Worship, “Do It Again,” with similar themes of God’s promises, but a heavier focus on the Spirit.

17. “Great Mystery,” Women Who Worship

From Women Who Worship’s March 2023 release, and led by Jessie Early, “Great Mystery” touches on each aspect of the Trinity, including the Father and Son, ultimately landing on the mystery of the Holy Spirit and eternity.

How wild the Spirit’s wind,
The power that raised You up now dwells within!
You’re closer than a breath,
Fulfilling every promise that You said.
Finishing the work You started, we believe
We will see this great mystery.

Women Who Worship bring to light a side of the Spirit we don’t often lean into. But rather than dismiss our questions, the song embraces and celebrates the mysteries of our faith, and the promise that we’ll see them fulfilled.

18. “Hymn of the Holy Spirit,” Pat Barrett

With lyrics that feel more like a prayer than the typical song you’d hear on a Sunday morning, “Hymn of the Holy Spirit” is a beautiful call for the Spirit to lead. The song comes off Barrett’s self-titled debut album, released in 2018.

You’re the light, You’re my path.
You’re the shepherd of my soul.
All I am, all I have.
Holy Spirit, lead me on.

Barrett starts each verse by asking the Spirit to guide his vision, speaking, and hearing. It’s a recognition many of us would be wise to make more often.

19. “Where The Spirit of the Lord Is,” Christine D’Clario

“Where The Spirit of the Lord Is” was released as a single in 2021 by CCM artist Christine D’Clario. If the title sounds familiar, it’s because D’Clario’s song pulls its influence from 2 Corinthians where Paul writes,

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. (2 Cor 3:17 NIV)

The song goes on to declare the power of the Spirit over the trials we face in life. Doubt, fear, shame, and even death cannot prevail in his presence.

20. “King of Kings,” Hillsong Worship

“King of Kings,” from Hillsong Worship’s 2019 album, Awake, delivers a gospel lesson in five minutes or fewer—guaranteed. The song walks through the story of Christ from birth, death, and resurrection, ultimately leading to the presence of the Holy Spirit and Christ’s church.

While you’ll have to wait until verse four to hear the official introduction of the Holy Spirit—“And the church of Christ was born, / Then the Spirit lit the flame,” the choruses are a constant reminder of the Trinity. They focus our attention on the God that we worship.

Praise the Father, praise the Son!
Praise the Spirit, three in one!
God of glory, Majesty,
Praise forever to the King of Kings!

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21. “Surrounded (Fight My Battles),” UPPERROOM

The second track on UPPERROOM’s 2019 album To the One, “Surrounded,” has become a sort of modern classic. It’s no easy feat to stick around for four years in most contemporary worship services. Aside from the plethora of churches singing this song on weekends, it’s been covered by CCM legend Michael W. Smith. The song starts with a reference to the ever-popular Psalm 23 text, 

There’s a table that You’ve prepared for me
In the presence of my enemies.

That’s followed by an acknowledgment of the Spirit’s presence in our trials: “It may look like I’m surrounded, but I’m surrounded by You.” UPPERROOM’s charismatic style of worship and spontaneity may not be for every church, but with lyrics pulled directly from Scripture, the song’s message is universal. 

22. “Here Again,” Elevation Worship

“Here Again” comes off Elevation Worship’s 2018 album Hallelujah Here Below. The song bounces between a couple of themes in Scripture, including Psalm 23 and Ezekiel 37:4.

Then he said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, ‘Dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!’” (Ezek 37:4 NIV)

Throughout the song, the lyrics call out the promise of God’s presence in the here and now, not only in what we read in Scripture or in some far-off eternity. A powerful refrain in the bridge awakens worshippers to that reality:

Not for a minute
Was I forsaken—
Come Holy Spirit,
Dry bones awaken!
The Lord is in this place.

23. “Fresh Wind Fresh Fire,” Mack Brock

Since separated from Elevation Worship roots, Mack Brock has continued to write impactful songs as a solo artist. “Fresh Wind Fresh Fire” comes off his 2018 debut album Greater Things:

Pour out Your presence,
The power of Heaven.
I’ll stand in Your blessing.
Oh, how I need You.

The song approaches the topic of the Holy Spirit from the perspective of our partnering with God, with lines like “I am the candle, you are the flame.” It ultimately lands on our need for God and the blessing it is to partner with him.

24. “Selah / All My Life,” Hillsong Worship

“Selah / All My Life” by Hillsong Worship begins with a reference to Psalm 84:10:

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. (Ps 84:10 NIV)

Following that reference to the Psalms, the song invites the listener to connect with the Spirit, with the words, “Come now rushing wind, Jesus, breathe within.”

As the title, “Selah,” suggests, this song almost feels like a pause, a time to take a breath in worship. Compared to the other songs on this list, “Selah / All My Life” comes in at a tight 3:25, making it a great choice to recenter yourself in the middle of a hectic day, or to add as a reprise to your Sunday setlist.

25. “Let the Light In,” Kari Jobe

Making her third appearance on this list, Kari Jobe offers us “Let the Light In” from her 2020 album, The Blessing. The lyrics are a combination of calling on the Spirit and calling on ourselves to awaken to his presence, starting with this line: 

It’s time for the sleeper to wake
It’s time for the old winds to change
I hear the Spirit say it’s time.

Aside from being a powerful song for sleepy Sunday morning congregations, the imagery of the Spirit as a “Great Light” reminds us of the darkness that’s been overcome by the Spirit—and our access to him through it.


We’re twenty-five songs into this list. It’s high time for hymns. You can find many classic hymns about the Holy Spirit, including:

  • “Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart”
  • “Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove”
  • “Holy Ghost, with Light Divine”
  • “Spirit Holy”
  • “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”

Each of these hymns approaches the Spirit in a unique way. Some are from as far back as the 1800s. They can feel like a trip back in church history, one that opens our eyes to facets of the Spirit and how he has been celebrated by the church for centuries.

Here are a few hymns with more modern interpretations (that is, you can easily find them wherever you stream music or find chord charts to play them in a contemporary church service).

26. “God the Spirit,” Samuel Stone

“God the Spirit” paints a well-rounded picture of the Holy Spirit. The lyrics highlight the more individual aspects of the Third Person of the Trinity, with lines like, “Author of the new creation, giver of the second birth,” while returning to the Spirit’s role in the Trinity: “One in love and power and glory with the Father and the Son.”

A modern version of the hymn can be heard on Matt Boswell’s 2015 EP, Messenger Hymns. Boswell is pastor of The Trails Church in Celina, Texas, and the founder of Doxology and Theology.

27. “Spirit of the Living God,” Daniel Iverson

“Spirit of the Living God” is a twentieth-century hymn by Daniel Iverson. The lyrics are simple, yet packed with meaning.

Spirit of the Living God, fall fresh on me!
Melt me, mold me; Fill me, use me.

A recent rendition of the song appears on Phil Wickham’s album Singalong 2. Wickham’s acoustic performance leans into the prayerful nature of the lyrics, giving this hymn a fresh feel that would be welcome in any contemporary worship service.

28. “We Are One in the Spirit,” Peter Scholtes

Also referred to as “We Are One in the Spirit,” this hymn approaches the Holy Spirit with themes of unity.

We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord;
And we pray that our unity may one day be restored—
And they’ll know we are Christians by our love.

There is a more modern take from the band Jars of Clay, released with the band’s 2005 album, Redemption Songs. The themes of unity and love invite the church to reflect those values—in a way possible only through the Spirit.

29. “Every Time I Feel the Spirit,” unknown

“Every Time I Feel the Spirit” is a spiritual that highlights the kind of prayer and reflection that comes with being in tune with the Spirit.

Every time I feel the Spirit
Moving in my heart, I will pray.

There’s a version by Nat King Cole that is given an upbeat treatment with a full choir. When “The Christmas Song” feels a bit out of season, you can still enjoy this classic vocalist through this gospel hymn about the Holy Spirit.

30. “A Mighty Fortress,” Martin Luther

“A Mighty Fortress” taps into an aspect of the Holy Spirit as our Helper as seen in John 15.

When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—he will testify about me. (John 15:26 NIV)

Where most songs in this list point to the power we receive through the Holy Spirit, this song leans into the power of the Spirit himself. Rather than relying on our own strength, we’re able to rest in the confidence and power of the Spirit.

A mighty fortress is our God,
A bulwark never failing;
our helper he, amid the flood
of mortal ills prevailing.

Originally written by Martin Luther and later translated by Frederick H. Hedge, the song remains relevant, with modern versions by artists including Matt Boswell.


The list of songs about the Holy Spirit is still growing. For this worship leader, they’re welcome additions to the catalog of songs, hymns, and spiritual songs sung in our churches every week.

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