Explore the Full Breadth of Anglicanism

The Anglican tradition has a long and vast history covering a wide theological and geographical spectrum. At the heart of Anglicanism is the conviction that theology should be based on a balance of Scripture, reason, and tradition. This balance is often referred to as the “three-legged stool.” If one of the legs gets too long, the stool will not balance properly.

This is not to say that tradition or reason trumps Scripture, but that they are a lens through which we see Scripture in light of the communion of saints that have come before us. This lens gives insight into difficult passages and frames the discussion within the context of centuries of Christian thought and practice.

The Anglican base packages give you the tools and resources you need to explore this deep and wide tradition. Study the Bible with commentaries, histories, theological resources, and other resources that will guide you through Anglican theology.

Study influential Anglican theology

If you are an English-speaking Christian, chances are your beliefs and practices have been influenced by Anglicanism. Because of the wide range of theological beliefs and practices, many Anglicans are authoritative figures in other theological traditions. For example, scholars like J.C. Ryle and N.T. Wright have had a big impact on Evangelical and Reformed theology. J.H. Newman brought the experience and spirituality he developed as an Anglican to bear on the work he did as a Roman Catholic. The work of Anglican biblical scholars like B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort has had an immeasurable impact on the whole field of textual criticism and biblical translation.

Explore the roots of the church

Anglicans often characterize their tradition as “Reformed but not Protestant, Catholic but not Roman.” Anglicans don’t see a clear break at the Reformation between their beliefs and practices and those of their immediate predecessors. Anglicans emphasize the continuity of the church going back through the middle ages to the early church. Consequently, these base packages are full of important theological and devotional works from medieval scholars and church fathers. The Anglican base packages come with the New Testament portion of the Ancient Christian Commentary Series, the Popular Patristics series, Aquinas’ Summa Theologica, the Catholic Spirituality Collection, and more!

Get top-notch scholarship

The Anglican packages have some of the best in modern biblical scholarship across a number of traditions:

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Written by Benjamin Amundgaard
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