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Datasets: New & Enhanced in Logos 5

New Logos users often ask, “What makes Logos resources so much more valuable than their print or epub counterparts?”

The answer? Connectivity.

Most scholarly works connect to other resources through in-text citations, bibliographies, and indexes. Logos 5 converts all these connections into clickable links, making it easy to jump from open resources to undiscovered ones. In addition to the in-text connections, Logos 5 links similar information across your entire library. These networks of information are called datasets.

Logos 5 includes some important dataset enhancements, and 10 all-new datasets. You can see the whole list at Logos.com/Datasets, but here are some highlights.

New to Logos 5

  • Timeline—see all of biblical and church history for one-click historical analysis.
  • Referent—know exactly who’s being referred to, even by pronouns like “she” and “it.”
  • Reported Speech—trace the origins of every quotation and paraphrase, even without obvious context.
  • Thematic Outlines—jumpstart your research with topical outlines supported by relevant verses.

Enhanced for Logos 5

  • Bible Facts—establish context with at-a-glance overviews of critical information about biblical people, places, and things.
  • Homepage Excerpts—customize your homepage by deciding what kind of content appears and more.
  • Genre Coding—discover the literary type and genre of any passage of Scripture.
  • Morphology & Roots—compile data from all your language resources at once using the Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study, or the right-click menu.

When you upgrade, choose Gold or above to ensure that you get all of Logos 5’s datasets. If you upgrade to Platinum, Diamond, or Portfolio, you’ll get even more valuable, often hard-to-find content—and the more books and resources in your library, the more powerful your datasets become.

Get the most out of your library with enhanced datasets: upgrade to Logos 5 today

But don’t wait—upgrade discounts end September 30. Upgrade prices will never be this low again, so get the very best price and upgrade now!

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Written by Ray Deck III