Changing the Biblical Research Paradigm

What if research could move you? What if it could change your everyday life—could actually make a difference in the way you think, act, speak? These questions drove us to create the Lexham Bible Guides.

For too long, biblical research has been a stagnant process—a tedious necessity. For too long, it has been inaccessible to people without seminary training. For too long, pastors have spent hours poring over books only to realize they still haven’t discovered an insight for their congregation.

How much good is an idea without an application? With only so many hours in the day, you have to weigh the value of the idea versus the time you could spend in discussion or study with others—and the insights that come from interaction.

More effective Bible study

So if the entire research process could be streamlined, documented, and explained—providing you with what you really want and need and saving you valuable time—would you pay for it?

We know that you don’t want someone to give you the answers. That’s why you have, and should have, a library. We understand that the pursuit of the epiphany is often as inspiring as the epiphany itself. But we also know that you’re weary from spending time on fruitless research. We believe that professionally trained academics, with your needs in mind, could make a serious difference in the work you do and even in the ministry you provide to others. And that’s why we created the Lexham Bible Guides.

Here at Logos, we have Bible scholars on staff—experts in original languages, OT and NT studies, Wisdom literature, Pauline letters, and more. They write, research, and collaborate, every day of the work week—with you in mind. We’ve assembled this team to conduct and present the research you need, for the purpose of making you more effective. Your greatest assets—aside from God, your family, the church, and the team you work with—are your time and talents. So we opened the library and undertook the biblical research, transparently, to offer it back to you with links to the sources themselves. We translated all the academic jargon and made it simple, sharing with you every insight we gleaned in the process.

Don’t miss out on this collection

This collection is much more than a Bible guide. Its benefits are of a breadth and depth you haven’t encountered in a Bible “guide” before. But I can only tell you so much. Until you actually use it, you won’t realize just how incredible it is.

This is the product I wish I had had in graduate school and when I was preaching weekly. This is the product that I believe preachers everywhere need, and that any serious researcher, Sunday school teacher, or seminary student should have. The Lexham Bible Guides are written from a perspective as unbiased as we believe is possible, by people who love the text as much as you do.

These guides will help you in a pinch, but they’ll also provide you with the signposts to journey into the text as far as you want to go, whenever the time is available. Whether you’re planning to write a dissertation, preach a sermon, or lead a small group, this is a product I believe you should have.

You don’t want to miss out on this collection—how many books do this kind of work for you? Get the Lexham Bible Guides: Paul’s Letters Collection today.

Written by
John D. Barry

Rev. John D. Barry is an author, chaplain, nonprofit founder, and Bible scholar. John is the author or editor of 30 books, the general editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary, and the former editor-in-chief of Bible Study Magazine.

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Written by John D. Barry
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