Celebrate Geerhardus Vos’ Birthday with His Reformed Dogmatics

March 14 marks Geerhardus Vos’ 153rd birthday. Now you can benefit from this profoundly influential work, newly translated into English.

The father of Reformed biblical theology

Geerhardus Vos was born in 1862 in Heerenveen in the Netherlands. At 19, he moved to America and began his education at Calvin Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Strassburg University.

In 1888, Vos accepted a position on the Calvin Theological Seminary faculty and began delivering a series of lectures on dogmatics. These lectures would come to form the backbone of his Reformed Dogmatics. He would go on to join the faculty of Princeton Theological Seminary and would author his most famous works while there—coming to be known as the father of Reformed biblical theology.

“Like a lost Shakespeare play recently discovered”

With Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics translated into English, you’re now able to explore the relationship between Vos’ early thoughts in systematic theology with his later work in biblical theology. Vos himself commented on the positive and complementary relationship between the two disciplines. Indeed, Vos’ strong grounding in biblical scholarship and biblical theology makes his Reformed Dogmatics unique.

Michael Horton said that the translation of Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics is “like a lost Shakespeare play recently discovered.” A fresh biblical perspective to this systematic theology gives this work a broad appeal to academics, students, pastors, and those with a great interest in biblical theology.

Written by
Jake Mailhot

Jake Mailhot is the product manager for Lexham Press. He also writes about baseball and lives in Bellingham, WA.

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Written by Jake Mailhot
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