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Book Review: From M.Div. to Rev

From M.Div. to Rev.

When the publisher sent me the book From M.Div. to Rev. by Eubanks, I confess I was less than enthusiastic about it reviewing it. However, I quickly changed my attitude. Books of this genre often just state the obvious, but Eubanks does a good job of covering the many sides of a ministry transition. The book is not just for young adults starting out in ministry. It provides helpful tips and refresher material that will benefit a seasoned minister who is making a transition.

I appreciated the book challenging readers to see candidacy as a spiritual season bathed in prayer. You would expect that, but the book give detailed help in guiding candidates on how to spiritually prepare for the transition from seminary to first church.

I also appreciated his emphasis upon relationships. After all, ministry is about people. Eubanks stresses the importance of building your network, not as a means to get your own end, but to develop “a sense of community in which everyone serves one another toward the common benefit of all.” This carries on through the interview process. Rather than see this as job hunting, minister to members of the search team who have been given the charge to find God’s person for their church. In other words, begin your ministry even prior to your visit.

The book is filled with great suggestions about each stage of the journey. He also includes a recommended reading list, questions to prepare you for your interview, 10 questions you should ask a search committee, and other tools to prepare you for this journey.

I encourage you to purchase this book at least a year before your scheduled graduation and carefully work through it. If you are married, work through it with your spouse.

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