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Logos Mobile Ed now offers courses from John Walton, professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College. Dr. Walton’s work has helped me think through some of Scripture’s most challenging passages, and now you can dive into his lectures from anywhere. In the Background of the Old Testament Bundle, Dr. Walton applies his understanding of ancient Mesopotamian “worldviews” to the Old Testament in order to bring greater understanding to the Hebrew Scriptures.

I first discovered Dr. Walton’s intriguing scholarship through his book The Lost World of Genesis One, a book which provided a new—but exegetically sound—way of reading Genesis 1–3. I read through two of Dr. Walton’s other books—Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the Old Testament, a book which explained the worldview of ancient readers, and Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology, an academic monograph that applies his understanding of ancient peoples’ worldviews to Genesis 1. The John Walton Background of the Old Testament Bundle expands and develops Dr. Walton’s ideas in a classroom setting. He equips students to engage the Old Testament with a more complete understanding of the Old Testament’s original context.

In OT201 Old Testament Genres, Dr. Walton clarifies what the implications of genre are for exegesis, and he helps students develop a sound hermeneutical approach to the different types of literature in the Old Testament. He teaches students to view each book through the eyes of ancient readers, and to derive sound interpretations for modern readers. OT301 Origins of Genesis 1–3 emphasizes Dr. Walton’s work on ancient worldview as it applies to the opening chapters of Genesis. Dr. Walton provides refreshing interpretations of the Old Testament, bringing the Bible to life through his thorough research and clear explanations. So what are you waiting for?

Check out this video introduction for OT301 Origins of Genesis 1–3:

Begin your study of the Old Testament with Dr. John Walton today! Or, head over to for a complete list of courses, and find the classes that are right for you.

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Matt Miller
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Written by Matt Miller
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Unlock curated libraries and Bible study tools for up to 30% off with your first Logos 10 package.