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Logos Mobile Education: John Walton Background of the Old Testament Bundle (2 courses)

by Walton, John H.

Lexham Press 2014

Runs on Windows, Mac and mobile.
Two ways to pay
$30.00/mo or $299.95
Logos Mobile Education: John Walton Background of the Old Testament Bundle (2 courses)
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The Old Testament comprises two-thirds of our Bible, but most churches devote less than half of their teaching to the Old Testament. Where does one begin making use of the Old Testament? In these two courses, Dr. John Walton lectures on the background and typology of the Old Testament and the origins of Genesis 1–3, opening the doors for pastors, students, and laypeople to begin studying and learning from the Old Testament. Successful students will walk away with an interpretive framework through which they can analyze the Old Testament on its own terms, exegeting and wrestling with the text on a whole new level.

Logos Mobile Education is a revolutionary education program that provides formal biblical instruction akin to a Bible college or seminary experience. Learning takes place in an innovative mobile learning environment designed to leverage the power of Logos Bible Software. It’s a biblical and theological education that only Logos could design and deliver. Logos Mobile Ed is education where you are—in your day and in your life. Learn more at or read our announcements at the Logos blog.

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Key Features

  • HD video lectures feature renowned scholar and professor John H. Walton and are filmed in short segments in a one-to-one format for a personalized instructional feel.
  • Videos are transcribed and enriched with links into the Logos library. Lectures are where learning begins, not where it ends. Mobile Ed courseware ties lecture content to your Logos library. It instantly connects you to the right book, the right page, the right paragraph relevant to the lecture. The video lectures are also fully searchable, just like a Logos book.
  • Screencast videos drawn from lectures translate what you’re learning to cutting-edge study skills so you can effectively manage your time and prepare for ministry tasks. Mobile Ed courses give you content knowledge and research skills you’ll use every day of your ministry.
  • The centerpiece of the Mobile Ed courseware is the Logos digital library, the premier biblical research tool for the 21st century. No other resource puts as much standard academic material for theology and biblical studies at your fingertips and at the pace of your life. No other educational program lets students take the library with them.
  • Mobile Ed courseware links into the Faithlife social network. Share notes on lectures, screencasts, or readings. Get feedback on how you’ll teach what you’re learning in church. Get an answer to a question. Thinking together is part of learning.

Getting started with Mobile Ed

It is highly recommended that all Mobile Ed students have the Logos Bible Software Platinum collection. Students not at the level of Platinum will still be able to view the lectures, but access to certain library resources utilized in the course and results of searches illustrated in screencasts require Platinum.

Logos Mobile Ed’s Bible and Doctrine Foundations bundle—which includes 9 courses—overviews the content, structure, and storyline of the Bible across both testaments and introduces students to major areas of Bible doctrine. Check out the product page to learn more.

Individual Titles

OT201 Old Testament Genres

  • Instructor: Dr. John H. Walton
  • Video units: 4

Professor John Walton guides students through the types of literature in the Old Testament. Beginning with narrative and continuing through prophecy, apocalyptic literature, wisdom literature, and the Psalms, this course explains how to best read and understand the Old Testament. Students should walk away with a strong interpretive framework through which they can grapple with the Old Testament. The course guides students into asking broader questions about the overall purpose of the Old Testament and God’s revelations throughout it.

OT301 Origins of Genesis 1–3

  • Instructor: Dr. John H. Walton
  • Video units: 4

Origins of Genesis 1–3 studies the claims of the biblical text in these first chapters of Genesis. Focusing closely on the ancient Near Eastern context of the text, professor Walton helps students see how Genesis 1–3 would have been understood by its original audience and leads students to examine the function of the creation story and the issues between science and the Bible.

Product Details

  • Title: John Walton Background of the Old Testament Bundle
  • Instructor: John H. Walton
  • Publisher: Logos Bible Software
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Courses: 2
  • Video Units: 8
  • 1 video unit = 1 full hour of video course material

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