A New Way to Help Your Kids Understand the Bible

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There are plenty of kids shows out there, but precious few that plunge deep into God’s Word . . . without boring kids to death.

Faithlife has helped grownups understand the Bible for decades with Logos Bible Software. Now, we want to help your kids grasp the truths of the Word with Bible Sounds. Bible Sounds is a new kids show that combines the depth you expect from the creators of Logos Bible Software with music and zany humor that keeps kids enthralled.

Bible Sounds is rooted in the Gospel, focused on the Kingdom of God, and is all about helping little theologians become better disciples of Jesus.  Simply put: we want to help kids understand the Bible and put its truth into practice.

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The Bible can be an intimidating book for kids. Just think of all the names and stories you have to keep straight. That’s why Bible Sounds includes videos like  “The Mary Guessing Game.”  In an homage to Lawrence Welk, this video features an animated game show host who helps viewers differentiate between the three main Marys in the New Testament. It’s zany, fun, and the music will probably get stuck in your head (in a good way). And it’s unlikely your kids will ever forget which Mary is which again.

Every Bible Sounds video take complicated theological and biblical ideas and explains them in a fun way kids can quickly grasp. We even wrote an animated “ABC’s of Theology” song! You can watch a preview of that episode and few others in this video.

Help make Bible Sounds a reality

There’s just one problem, the ten Bible Sounds videos are only halfway done. But you can help. If you believe in what we’re doing—and would love for your kids to see more from Bible Sounds—support us on Kickstarter. With Kickstarter, you choose a pledge level—starting at just $10. You’ll get some great rewards for pledging—including access to Bible Sounds content.

And if you pledge $49 or more, you’ll get curriculum for Sunday school or homeschool use.

We can only finish Bible Sounds if we receive enough pledges to cover production costs, though, so if you want your kids to experience a fun, deep, gospel-centered animated show, support Bible Sounds today!

And if you still need time to decide, be sure to get our free video and companion curriculum on our Kickstarter page. 

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Written by Logos Staff
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