A Little Word with Big Implications for Bible Study

Dr. Steve Runge explains what to do when you see “for” in the Bible (0:10), and the Logos Pro team shows you how to create custom study Bibles in Logos (3:15).

Keep learning how language works with Dr. Runge

Our understanding of the Greek New Testament is based almost entirely on English translations, but how would our understanding of the Greek text change if we read it for what it is—as Greek?  With the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Datasets, we can now get behind the words of the New Testament writers and discover the particular linguistic tasks that inform translation and interpretation.
The Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Datasets identify discourse markers and perform complex discourse analysis of the entire New Testament quickly, easily, and accurately, which makes them one of the most advanced tools for studying the Greek text of the New Testament.

Get Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Datasets today!

Create your own custom study Bibles

Study Bibles are great resources for quick information on a passage, especially when you’re reading for personal devotions. But what happens when your favorite study Bible doesn’t come in your preferred translation?

If you use the print version, you’re stuck with the versions made available by the publisher. But with Logos, you can link your favorite translation with your favorite study Bible notes, like the ESV Study Bible Notes below, to create your own customized study Bible.

Add ESV study Bible notes to your library to build a custom study Bible!

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Written by Logos Staff
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