3 Steps to Your Next Milestone

Bob Pritchett’s Start Next Now launched just over a week ago, and people are raving about this short, punchy, life-changing read.

Have you picked up your copy? If not, get it at StartNextNow.com today!
Here’s what Johnnie Moore, the President of The KAIROS Company, had to say about Start Next Now:

“Stop WHATEVER you’re doing right now, and read this book—all of it! It’s a quick read that will make ALL the difference in your career.”

In the book, Bob talks about reaching for your next milestone, and lays out three simple steps:

1. Take back your time

Turn off your television—any form of video entertainment, online or over the air.
If you have a job and any family or social obligations, a couple of hours each evening are close to 100 percent of the time available in which to distinguish yourself from everyone else in similar circumstances.
“You don’t get ahead by leaning back; you get ahead by leaning forward.” —Bob Pritchett (Click to tweet.)

2. Start saving money now

Savings create margin. Savings give you time. Savings allow you to seize opportunities. Savings prevent you from being held hostage by a particular job or set of circumstances.

3. Learn everything you can

Treat the internet as the world’s greatest library and classroom.
This very moment you likely have on your person, or close at hand, a portal to all that is known of the world and humanity. Today, learning isn’t bound to books, classes, or instructors.
Bob has a lot more to say about how to get the life you’ve always wanted in Start Next Now.

For just $9.99 on StartNextNow.com, you’ll get the digital edition, the audiobook, an EPUB, access to the interactive digital version, and a copy of the print book.

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Breanna Cain
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Written by Breanna Cain