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Logos is like an iBooks or Kindle for Biblical works. The iPad app comes preloaded with over 40 different translations of the Bible. The app allows you to sign up for a free Logos account to access an additional 30 plus titles. Logos also syncs your read status and reading plans to other Logos apps on the iPhone or desktop platforms. From time to time, Logos gives a free book that can be read for a limited time on your iPad.

The app will sync with Logos users' accounts to provide access to most of their purchases in the iPad. Logos is still working with many publishers to ensure that all books are available on mobile devices. Logos has been a standard for Mac and Windows machines for many years.

The iPad app allows you to read, search, cross reference materials, follow reading plans, and download books for offline use. The latest update allows you to view two translations or books side by side. If you are viewing two different Bible translations, the pages will match up as you turn them. Logos is the essential app because it provides a great reading experience with tons of additional features not found in any other app.