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Discover the New Testament

In NT281: How We Got the New Testament, Dr. Heiser guides you through the concept of inspiration and the history of the creation of New Testament books, as well as the copying and transmission of the text. He also delves into textual criticism and translation. Gain a better understanding of the structure, the compositional process, and the various textual witnesses of the New Testament.

Enjoy a brief overview of NT281 How We Got the New Testament with Dr. Heiser:


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All Mobile Ed courses are integrated into Logos Bible Software, giving you access to recommended readings, video tutorials, self-assessments, and Faithlife groups to take you deeper in your learning.

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Find your program of study

Continue to expand your theological education by purchasing the New Testament Foundational Program of Study. Building from Dr.Heiser’s NT281: How We Got the New Testament, the New Testament Foundational Program of Study incorporates courses from Dr. Lynn Cohick, Dr. Darrell Bock, and Dr. Craig Evans to discuss the story and structure of the New Testament with an emphasis on the Gospels and Acts. Upon completion of the program of study, you can apply for a Mobile Ed Program of Study Certificate of Completion.


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Dig deeper into your studies with Logos Now and Mobile Ed. Gain free access to NT281 How We Got the New Testament with Dr. Heiser during the month of December. Here’s your chance to try Mobile Ed and Logos Now risk-free—at the same time! Start your free month of Logos Now!

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Written by Liz Melton