Why One Faithlife Employee Says [Logos] Is ‘the Greatest Thing I Own’

Today’s guest post is from Andrew Pritchett, who works in our Ministry Relations department.

The other night I had one of the greatest experiences I have had working here at Logos Bible Software. On Tuesday night I stopped by my neighborhood coffee house. As I was waiting I noticed some familiar faces. One of the familiar faces was an older man I had always presumed to be homeless. We’ll call him John. John wore a big white beard, a thick hat, and combat fatigues and carried all of his belongings with him.

As I looked around the room, something caught my eye on John’s computer screen. It was the familiar Passage Guide in Logos. I moved toward him and said, “I like your choice in Bible software.” John smiled and pointed at the logo on my shirt. He said, “This is the greatest thing I own.” I thanked him, and he asked me a quick question about using the Compare Bible Versions tool inside the program. When I asked if he had time for me to update his computer, he said, “This is where I spend my evenings.”

I reached into my briefcase and grabbed a media-only disc and asked him to insert it into his disc drive. As we waited for his computer to update to 3.0e, I asked him how he had heard of us and how he ended up with our software on his computer.

He said he was listening to Michael Heiser defend Christianity in front of a panel of UFO enthusiasts, and it caught his attention. During the debate, Michael Heiser said, “Logos Bible Software is the best tool for studying the Bible.” So right then and there, John decided he had to have it. He pulled all of his money together, saved what he could, and then walked to the Christian book store and told them to give him the best Logos Bible Software package he could afford. And minutes later he walked out of the store with Bible Study Library.

On his way home, he realized that in order to use the software he would need a computer. So later he went to a pawn shop and bought the best laptop computer he could get his hands on. He didn’t care that the computer was old, missing pieces and the keyboard was in German; he needed a computer to use his new software.

When I came into work the next morning, I told my boss, Andy, about my experience the night before. He was excited and encouraged by John’s faith and dedication to God’s word. He said, “Andrew, put in an order to update John to Leader’s Library to get him the Greek and Hebrew Reverse Interlinears.” Andy purchased the upgrade himself and told me to install it on his computer and give him a Christmas card, which some of us at the office signed.

A few nights later I met up with John and presented him with his card and gift. He was so happy to have me install the software on his computer. The last few nights have been great to spend with John, sharing the software and sharing a time of Bible study together.

I’ve learned a lot from John. I think we all can.

Written by
Phil Gons

Follower of Jesus, husband of Shanna, father of five, Chief Product Officer at Logos, PhD (ABD) Theology, reader, learner, blogger, technophile.

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Written by Phil Gons
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