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How Do You Get People to Talk in Small Group?

There’s an epidemic in small group communication. You ask a question, and only the sound of crickets greets you. It’s not just once—it keeps happening. This epidemic isn’t anything new, but it’s gotten worse as small groups moved online, where video...

How to Lead a Small Group: 4 Steps

Leading a small group Bible study can be deeply rewarding with the right preparation. Here are the four steps that will help you prepare and lead your group well. Step 1: Prepare yourself to lead a small group. Step 2: Determine what your group...

4 Ways to Improve Your Small Group

Small groups, no matter the size, always seem to have two people: the one who won’t stop talking and the one who sits in silence. It’s easy to encourage the conversation monopolizer to give others time to share. But how do I inspire someone to...

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