The Power of Understanding Biblical Archaeology

Most of us who study the Bible understand the importance of archaeology. It shows us glimpses of what life was like in the ancient world and provides us with important background information on the Bible. While we recognize its importance, we don’t know much about the actual process of doing archaeology in the field. What does being an archaeologist involve? What does a day on the job look like for someone working in the field? Our new Mobile Ed course, AR101 Archaeology in Action: Biblical Archaeology in the Field, gives a you behind the scenes look at what goes into archaeology. Filmed on location in Israel, the course includes interviews with different archaeologists, scholars, and volunteers working at various dig sites. It begins with an introduction to archaeology, including a discussion of how doing archaeology relates to and differs from studying ancient texts.

The course then walks through the archaeological dig process. You’ll see what kind of prep work is required before digging can begin and learn about the different roles at a dig site. You’ll get a hands-on look at the different tools and methods used to excavate and identify pieces of material culture from various archaeological dig sites around Israel. In the course, archaeologists explain and demonstrate how they use advanced technology like ground-penetrating radar to see below the surface. They also walk through the process of identifying and documenting materials like pottery as they excavate them. The course concludes with a profile of the various dig sites the archaeologists are currently working on. You’ll see what kind of materials they are uncovering and learn what these findings can teach us about life in the first century.


AR101 Archaeology in Action: Biblical Archaeology in the Field will help you understand how important archaeological excavations are being carried out in Israel today. You’ll be able to better appreciate new findings and learn new insight into the importance of biblical archaeology. The course ships on 12/14. Order it now and get $100 off the full price with the special pre-pub price of just $49.99.

Written by
Miles Custis

Miles Custis is the Manager of Instructional Media at Faithlife.

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Written by Miles Custis
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