Meditate on Scripture Every Day with This Free Tool

” . . . his delight is in the Law of the Lord, and on his Law he meditates day and night.” (Psalm 1:2)

There’s a big difference between reading the Bible and truly meditating on it. Reading the Bible—even studying the Bible—can too often become passive. We absorb the information with little reflection on how it should impact our lives, or become so immersed in its exegetical details that we miss the heart of its message. One cure for this is active memorization; another is surrounding yourself with Scripture—finding repeated opportunities to engage with and meditate on the same passage of Scripture throughout the day.

Get the free Bible Screen Verse of the Day Windows app and meditate on Scripture every day. 

Perhaps you already do this, whether through a desktop background featuring a favorite passage, or a few words on an index card taped to your bathroom mirror. For months, I kept a Verse of the Day featuring Colossians 2:6 as my desktop background, reminding me of the importance of “walking in Christ”—honoring him in everything I do.


One of the simplest tools you can use to meditate on a new verse every single day is the Bible Screen Verse of the Day Windows app. If you have Windows 8 or 10, just download the free app, and you’ll see the Verse of the Day displayed on your lock screen. It’s easy to install and is a great way to encourage meditation on Scripture.

meditate on Scripture

A customer favorite

People love the beautiful verse art, ease of use, and ability to share favorite verses with friends and family.

bible verse of the day app

bible verse of the day windows app

bible verse of the day windows app

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Not only does the Windows Bible Screen Verse of the Day app automatically load the Verse of the Day to your lock screen, it lets you browse the last 30 days of images, share your favorite verses with friends through email and social media, save the images to your picture library, and more. And because we understand that when you’re interpreting the Bible context is king, we make it simple to read the verse in context on

Start meditating on Scripture every day with this simple tool. Get the free app now.

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Written by Logos Staff
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