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Master Proclaim: 4 unique service segments

To help you keep your services organized, Proclaim offers four unique service segments. Here’s a quick rundown of what they are, what they do, and how you can get the most out of them.
When you create a new service, you can start from scratch using a Blank Presentation (a), use the Simple Presentation to get the basic building blocks in place (b), import from Planning Center Online (c), or choose one of several elegant templates (d).
However you choose to get started, your plan will be divided into four distinct segments.

1. Pre-service loop—announcement slides and reminders. By default, these are set to advance every five seconds. You can adjust the duration of each slide, add transitions, and set slide content on the Content tab. Even more options are available on the Customize tab. When you go On Air, Proclaim will loop through these slides until you click to advance into the next segment. For walk-in music, click the speaker icons on each slide to add background music from your Proclaim library or your hard drive.

2. Warmup—the last couple of minutes before the service begins. This is a great place for the most important announcement, a welcome slide, or maybe a countdown timer. These elements will advance on a timer by default as well (five seconds). But, rather than looping, they will lead directly into the next segment. I like to set the final slide in this segment as a countdown, set to advance after three hundred seconds (five minutes).

3. Service—songs, announcements, and sermon notes. This is the primary content of your service. These elements will advance on a click by default, but you can add an auto-advance on the Content tab. If you start with a Simple Presentation or a template, a series of service elements will drop in automatically. You can click and drag to reorder them, add others, or delete any unwanted items.

4. Post-service loop—last words, announcements, and reminders. The post-service loop acts much like the pre-service loop, except there are usually fewer items. After church, many people make a quick exit, so keep these slides to a minimum. I like to keep it to two slides, choosing the most important announcement and one important point from the message.

How do you use these four service segments? Tell us in the comments!

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Written by
Ray Deck III

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Written by Ray Deck III