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In his book Living With Other Creatures, Richard Bauckham devotes an entire chapter to exploring Jesus’ relationship with animals as recorded in the gospels. Perhaps, Bauckham suggests, Jesus’ interactions with animals can provide insight into the character of the kingdom of God. Although (as Bauckham observes) this is an overlooked topic, it is of significance for those who live both in anticipation of an eschatological future and in the present in which our relationship with the community of creation is increasingly fraught.

The chapter is worth reading, and with Logos, it’s easy to dig deeper. For example, by combining a <person> search with a <sense> search, you can use Logos to quickly find every time Jesus and animals appear in the same verse in the Gospels. 

Click here to see this search in Logos

You can also run it manually by setting your search to All Bible Text in Gospels in The Bible of your choice and entering <Sense animal> AND <Person Jesus> in the search field.

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Written by Logos Staff