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Logos Live: Tanner Thetford

Pastor Tanner Logos Live

What you’ll see in this Logos Live episode

If you have searched Google or YouTube for help with Logos, you’ve probably watched one of Pastor Tanner’s videos! We’re going to talk shop (Logos, of course) a little as we cover his favorite Logos 10 features, his Logos 10 Buyer’s Guide, and much more!

Get to know Pastor Tanner by reading his story on our blog, Logos, Twitch, and the Great Commission: How one pastor turned his Logos sermon prep time into evangelism or explore his YouTube Playlist on Logos 10 (bonus points if you subscribe).

Now one to the main event! Enjoy the interview:

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Written by
Jason Stone

Jason Stone is the Sr. Community Manager at Logos. He has a master’s in biblical exegesis from Wheaton College Graduate School and over a decade of experience with digital marketing, church communications, and ministry.

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Written by Jason Stone