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John Frame’s Favorite Themes of Theology and Philosophy

This post is authored by John M. Frame, a philosopher and theologian especially noted for his work in epistemology, presuppositional apologetics, systematic theology, and ethics.


Over the last fifty years, I have taught theology and have written books on systematic theology and philosophy. Now Logos has given me the opportunity to do some short videos on my favorite themes and to distribute them to Logos users.

Some of these emphases you may not find anywhere else. For example:

  1. Scripture has much to say, not only about how to be saved from sin but about how to know anything in God’s world.
  2. The Fall in Genesis 3 affected not only our moral character but also our ability to know reality as it truly is.
  3. Since the Fall was comprehensive, corrupting human life in all its dimensions, so redemption is also comprehensive. Christ gives his people new ways of understanding and acting in all areas of life.
  4. The history of philosophy displays not only the progress of human thinking but also the dynamics of the fall and redemption in the intellectual world.
  5. In the history of philosophy, some thinkers are rationalists (claiming they can know reality without God’s revelation); others are irrationalists (claiming that there is no objective truth).
  6. Both rationalism and irrationalism are manifestations of our fallen rebellion. Both fail to provide a basis for knowledge. Both cancel one another out, but each requires the other to maintain a semblance of intelligibility.
  7. The Word of God in Scripture provides the only sufficient basis for human knowledge, and therefore for human decisions.
  8. God’s revelation integrates the natural world, human language, and human subjectivity, providing us with a rich understanding of God’s creation, a gift from the one who created it.

I hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to profit from my courses.


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