5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Daily Devotional

Few Bible study tools so effectively prick the conscience, focus the attention, and calm the spirit as a well-crafted daily devotional.

A daily devotional is not designed to change your mind; it’s meant to change your heart.

There are thousands of devotional tools to choose from. How do you know which one’s right for you?

Here’s our guide to help you choose the daily devotional that best meets your needs.

1. Topic

Many devotionals are framed up around a particular subject. One of my favorites, Whiter than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy, is structured this way. If you’re hoping to learn more about a particular element of theology or scriptural theme—like the Hebrew names of God, for example—look for a devotional on that subject for a more casual exploration.

2. Author

Almost all of the modern church’s most influential thinkers wrote at least some devotional material. Charles Spurgeon, A. W. Tozer, William Wilberforce, and Oswald Chambers come to mind right away. But don’t avoid a devotional just because you don’t recognize the author. Some of the best ever written, like Streams in the Desert, were penned by women or men who ministered faithfully without much notoriety. If you’re new to the world of devotionals, start with something by A. W. Tozer. He wrote broadly as the editor of The Alliance Life magazine. Much of his writing has been repackaged as daily devotionals.

3. Ratings & reviews

When choosing a devotional, nothing beats a good referral. As you browse Logos.com, check the ratings and reviews on each resource to see how much it has been enjoyed by others. Once you’ve completed a devotional, return to leave your own thoughts as a guide for others who come behind you.

4. Length

Look for cues about the passage length in the product overview, or by using the “See inside” tool on logos.com. Also make note of how many passages are included. When read daily, some devotions are intended to stretch across and entire year, others for a month or even less.

5. Journal space

Many printed devotionals include space to write your own thoughts. This is helpful, but when you buy a daily devotional on logos.com to be read with your Faithlife Study Bible, you can use the notes tool to capture your own insights on any passage without running out of space.

If you’d rather not shop around, pick up these top-notch video devotionals from Logos Mobile Ed, which includes brief teaching and reflection questions by knowledgeable and approachable scholars.

What else do you look for when you’re choosing a daily devotional? Tell us in the comments.

Written by
Ray Deck III

Born in WV, Ray escaped to North Carolina at a young age. He came to Logos after an 8 year stint at a faith-based nonprofit in New York. When he is not assembling sequences of words, he’s probably running, surfing or shooting skeet, but you should probably go look for him. He has a terrible sense of direction and is probably lost.

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Written by Ray Deck III