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Have I Lost My Old Logos or Libronix Books?

I first encountered Logos Bible Software in the Libronix days—in what historians of technology now call “the 1990s.” I somehow came into possession of some random CDs with Logos books on them. I confess I didn’t use them so much as I “amassed” them.

Around that same time I got a fantastic deal on the Expositor’s Bible Commentary in another Bible software platform which shall remain nameless out of respect for the dead.

Now, many years later, I am actually using the books I purchased for Libronix, but I can no longer access the Expositor’s Bible Commentary. When that other platform went defunct, it didn’t matter how popular it once was or how much money I had poured into it; it was done for.

Logos is different. It’s good to offer an occasional reminder to Logos users that if you have old Logos (or Libronix) books lying around on dusty CDs, you still own them and we haven’t forgotten.

When I bought the Gold package in 2005 for my seminary studies and dissertation work, I was surprised to find that my older purchases were still (or could easily be) tied to my account—even when I bought them from another online company or a bookstore. There was no hassle involved in making the transition. The few questions I did have were easily handled by Logos customer service.

Here’s the official word I got from a customer service agent at Faithlife:

If you use the same email address for your Logos.com account as you used for your Libronix activation back in the day, we should make the connection automatically when you install the latest version of Logos.

Chances are you’ve changed email addresses. You’ll simply need to contact our customer service team with the activation codes for the CD-ROMs (or your Libronix account information), and they’ll make sure you have access to all your books.

If you’ve made past purchases, you don’t have to start over. Those old CD-ROMs are still good for something. And then you may reuse them yet again, if you so desire:

cd rom

If you still use Libronix or any other, older version of Logos, let me point out that you can download the Logos 6 engine for free—and you’ll lose none of your resources. The latest Logos engine is and always will be free of charge.

But I encourage anyone who isn’t using Logos 6 to take a look at how much a paid upgrade will give you, and how much it will cost. I can’t tell you exactly what extra books and tools you’ll get, but because of Dynamic Pricing, our website will tell you in detail (if you sign in, of course).

I never encourage people to buy stuff they don’t need. I think you should know in pretty solid detail what it is that you’re getting before you buy. But if fear of losing books was holding you back, don’t let it.

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Mark Ward

Mark Ward (PhD, Bob Jones University) is the editor of Bible Study Magazine and author of its back-page column, Word Nerd: Language and the Bible. He is the author of several books and textbooks including Biblical Worldview: Creation, Fall, Redemption and Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible. He is also the host of the Bible Study Magazine Podcast and an active YouTuber.

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Written by Mark Ward