Common Roadblocks on the Journey to Biblical Insight

To study the Bible in depth, you need to navigate its mysteries and complexities with precision and clarity. The reward of serious study is life-changing insight. And the pursuit of biblical insight is lifelong. It’s a journey that will transform you, and never cease to delight, inspire, and challenge you.

But it isn’t always open road and mirror-smooth asphalt. There are roadblocks, potholes, pitfalls, and detours on the pilgrimage toward scriptural insight. Each person’s journey is unique, but there are some challenges faced by just about every traveler on this road.

Cultural gap

World travelers can attest: culture shock is real. In a foreign place, the language might be different, cultural idioms don’t translate, and assumptions and expectations might be opposite from your own.

The Bible was written in ancient languages, thousands of years ago, in a culture that could not be more different from the modern Western world. The Bible is a complex piece of literature—timeless truths steeped in very human, time-bound contexts. Navigating the cultural and linguistic idiosyncrasies to find the universal truth applicable to your life in the twenty-first century can be challenging.

Logos has a number of features that bridge the gap between our world and the world of Scripture. Uncover hidden layers of meaning in the original languages with the Sense Section, a powerful lexicon and concordance that reveals alternate meanings of a word in Greek, Hebrew, and English. With the Cultural Concepts tool, abstract ancient customs are brought into sharp clarity as you explore them in context, within Scripture and other ancient Near-Eastern texts.

Stale study

The first time you visit someplace new, it’s exciting. New sights, new smells, new experiences abound. In Bible study, few things come close to the thrill of new discoveries. It’s easy to be captivated by the poetry, or get caught up in the ancient, eternal narrative of God’s redemptive grace.

But after the fifth hour driving through the same scenery, it can get a little . . . less exciting. But it’s a tragic and persistent lie that “the Bible is boring.” If you’ve ever felt blasé about your Bible study, you’re not alone; a change of route may be in order.

With Logos, you can breathe new life into lackluster Bible study. Features like the Factbook facilitate serendipitous discovery—get instant information on biblical places, people, events, and more. Use Proverbs and Psalms Explorer to engage with the poetry of the Old testament like never before. With the Passage Guide, get centuries worth of wisdom and reflection on any section of Scripture, from commentaries, theological journals, and writings of prominent figures in church history.

Prepare for your journey

On the road to biblical insight, there’s no better vehicle than a Logos base package. What is a base package? In a nutshell, a base package is the beautiful union of world-class, exclusive digital Bible study tools with a vast, curated library of top-of-the-line theological and biblical resources. The suite of tools and features are specially designed to integrate with the curated library to meet your needs and circumvent the roadblocks in your journey.

The Gold base package includes all the tools and feature of Logos 6. Watch the video to learn more of what you can do with Logos 6 Gold.

Start your Biblical road trip

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Written by Logos Staff
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