The Church Media Bundle for People Who Don’t Like to Choose

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If you’ve been shopping around for church media, you probably noticed there are more than a few choices out there. You could wade through dozens of church media brands before you find what your church needs (or what you can afford).

Maybe you’ve been getting your church media a la carte, so you get exactly what you want and don’t pay for more than that. But buying sermon illustration videos, motion backgrounds for worship, church countdown videos, and still images for 10–15 bucks a pop adds up fast—and your church has a budget.

Proclaim Church Presentation Software is here to help.

Proclaim Partner Media: more media for less

Over the last few years, we’ve been working with some of the best church media brands in the business so that our customers can choose what they want to use. Now, six of those brands have teamed up with Proclaim to offer the most comprehensive media package there is.

We call it Partner Media, and it lets you tap into more than $125,000 in church media for as little as $50 per month.

You’ll get church media from Graceway Media, Church Motion Graphics, Dan Stevers Media, Igniter Media, Playback Media, and Freebridge Media, all in one subscription. It’s the best way to get all the church media you could ever want.

Proclaim church media bundle


Dan Stevers, Igniter, and Freebridge have all your mini-movie-needs covered. When you want video to help illustrate your sermon, your Partner Media subscription gives you more than 280 mini-movies to choose from.

These short Christian films explore or introduce topics, holidays, and passages of Scripture. They’re thoughtful, professionally-produced videos that can reinforce your main point, cast a different light on Scripture, make meaningful transitions in your service, or introduce a series. They’re yours to use for whatever your service needs, and you can use them as much as you want for as long as you subscribe.

Motion background videos

Graceway Media, Church Motion Graphics, and Playback Media have some of the best motion backgrounds you’ll ever find. Their subtle motions visually enhance your worship experience without being distracting. And with more than 3,500 to choose from, you’ll always find the right motions to fit your song, your church, and the atmosphere you want to create each service. Every designer has their own range of styles, and now you don’t have to pick just one brand to enjoy.

Countdown videos

Want your congregation to know exactly when to take their seats? Or maybe you’re more worried about making sure your worship team starts the service on time. Either way, Partner media gives you a selection of more than 200 church countdowns to use for your main service, youth group, parties, or whatever else you want to use them for. That’s enough to use a new countdown video every service for the next four years!

Still backgrounds

Finding the right background slides for your sermon can be hard. Designers from Graceway, CMG, Playback, Freebridge, and Dan Stevers have produced a massive supply of still images specifically for churches. In Partner Media, these brands unite to provide you with more than 12,000 backgrounds for your sermons, announcements, worship service, and more. When holidays roll around, you’ll have a huge selection of themes from a variety of styles, so you can always keep things fresh. With 12,000 professionally designed backgrounds, you’ll always have plenty of choices for every conceivable occasion.

Get the most comprehensive church media package

Partner Media is like a vault full of all the media your church could possibly need. And the best part? With Proclaim, you can give the keys to any staff or volunteer that needs to use your church’s media.

You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you want for free, and anyone who joins your church presentation group can use your license for no additional charge.

With more than $125,000 in church media from six major church media providers, Partner Media is an incredible deal. You can add Partner Media to an existing Proclaim subscription, or try Proclaim for free to see if this is the right fit for your church.

Get Partner Media right now, or try Proclaim free for 30 days.

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Written by Ryan Nelson
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