How Archaeology Uncovers the World of Jesus

Many Christians treat biblical archaeology merely as a way to prove the accuracy of the biblical record, but this field of study has far more to offer than that. Archaeologists investigate the remains of human culture from antiquity, determining what information about the past can be recovered based on those objects. Archaeologists ask, “How do these remnants shed light on or relate to narratives and other literature that has survived from the past?” This has profound implications for the study of Scripture. Once we grasp the insights of biblical archaeology, the life of Jesus and the world he inhabited suddenly come into sharp focus.

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Jesus and the synagogues

In NT307 Archaeology and the New Testament, Dr. Craig Evans explains how one task of archaeology is to look for dwelling places and other private and public structures that were constructed long ago and which are now buried under the earth—and in some cases even under the sea. 

Focusing on the the structures and artifacts of the ancient world can reveal fascinating insights about the time of Christ that would otherwise remain buried. For instance, Dr. Evans discusses the findings of multiple uncovered synagogues that were places of study and worship from the time of Jesus. Dr. Evans stresses the importance of these findings, explaining how the Gospels tell us Jesus frequently visited the synagogues. For example, Matt 4:23 says, “Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every infirmity.”

By uncovering these ancient structures, archaeologists can provide a clearer picture of the narratives set in those places. Archaeology is vital for understanding the background of the Bible. Archaeology sheds light on the biblical world.

Jesus & Archaeology

Mobile Ed has partnered with Dr. Evans to produce two new archaeology courses filmed in Israel. These courses focus on pressing questions in biblical studies that can only be answered by digging in the dirt and uncovering the ancient sites and objects that reveal the world of the Bible.

We’re going to start with the ground, dig into it, find things, and take you all the way from the point it begins to the point where it is exhibited in museums and written about in textbooks. Come on, join me. You’re going to have a lot of fun doing this.

—Dr. Craig Evans  

Jesus and Archaeology provides the whole picture of how biblical archaeology benefits New Testament studies by connecting biblical archaeology to Jesus. In Biblical Archaeology in the Field, you will get an exclusive peek into actual archaeological digs with today’s top scholars to learn the methodology, tools, and techniques needed to rediscover objects and structures buried for millennia. Biblical Archaeology in the Field gives you the background of how artifacts are retrieved from the ground, insight into the process of studying and evaluating those findings, and information on other basic issues in biblical archaeology.

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