4 Fun and Mostly Free Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

I’ve always thought my dad is the coolest of the cool. He’s rocked a beard for thirty years, expertly mows the lawn in dark socks, can fix anything with a zip-tie, and works the grill like Bobby Flay. He’s also modeled what it means to love Jesus, live generously, and enjoy life. I’m all for celebrating Father’s Day, but if I’m being honest, it usually sneaks up on me. Every year.  

If you’ve just realized it’s Father’s Day and you don’t have a gift ready for Dad—there’s no need to panic. We’ve got five gift ideas for you that will mean a lot but only cost a little and will take just a few minutes to prepare.

Write a personalized gift certificate

Giving the gift of time is one of the simplest and meaningful ways to show someone you care. Write out a gift certificate for your dad (or someone who’s like a dad to you) for you both to do together. You could have a game night, ice cream date, movie date, or take him fishing. The real gift is intentional time together.

Give to a non-profit on his behalf

I started doing this for my dad several years ago and it’s something special he always enjoys. Choose a non-profit that is meaningful to you or your dad and give a donation in his name.

Take a selfie together and have it printed

It’s common these days to take a lot of pictures, but it’s rare to print them. This Father’s Day, take a selfie or a regular photo with your dad and print it out for both of you to enjoy. Bonus tip: add a nice frame so he can show it off.

Give him the gift of deeper Bible study

Instead of getting Dad a book this year, why not get him a whole new Bible study library and software to help him go deeper in his study of God’s Word? Logos Fundamentals has everything your dad needs to uncover deeper insights every time he opens the Bible, including devotionals, commentaries, and much more.

It offers nearly $1,400 worth of resources for under $100, so it’s quite a steal. Learn more about how Logos Fundamentals can help your dad see biblical truths in a new way.

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