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3 Ways to Encourage Your Church Administrator

When you walk into church this weekend, consider what it would be like without an administrator making sure everything works behind the scenes.

Who would make sure coffee was ready? Would the church building be clean? Would the bulletins be accurate?

Your church needs people gifted in administration, yet their work is easy to overlook. With that in mind, here are a few simple ways to encourage church admins as they faithfully serve the church:

1. Notice their work

Church admins are mostly unseen. Typically, if you notice your church’s administration, it’s because something didn’t work quite right—a faucet leaks, you run out of paper, or catering is late. Go out of your way to notice what’s working well, and recognize your church admin’s hard work.
If you’re in church leadership, plan one Sunday a year to briefly recognize your church admin from the stage. Include administration in your church’s ministry fairs, and encourage gifted people to serve with your church admin.

2. Pitch in to help

Regardless of your church’s size, your church admin will always need help. Let them know you’d like to volunteer, or better yet, help right when you see a need. Jump in and stack chairs or take out the trash.
If you notice your church admin rushing about, ask what you can take off their hands. If you can’t help during weekend services, administration is a great place to volunteer because you can serve anytime you’re available, not only on Sunday mornings. Fold bulletins or mailers, organize supply closets, or pick up things from the store—whatever works with your schedule.

3. Say thank you

Send a quick email or text that simply recognizes your church admin’s work and thank them for their labors. Don’t ask a question (unless it’s “how can I serve?”), and don’t make a suggestion. Just say thanks.

You might also say thanks with a gift. Learn his or her favorite coffee drink and bring it by, or drop off a restaurant gift card with the note that says, “Enjoy lunch on me.”

There are a hundred ways to show appreciation, but try to find the way that would mean the most to your church admin.


A church admin’s work is critical. Reward it!

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