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30 Simple Words That Will Draw You Closer to God

In today’s culture, it’s hard to feel productive unless we’re moving fast. We try to squeeze the most out of every moment. We listen to an informational podcast during our morning workout; we speed read through a chapter from that business book during our morning commute; we check our email while in the middle of a conversation. But sometimes the most fruitful thing we can do is slow down and intentionally pursue God.

Jarrid Wilson, a speaker, blogger, and author, wrote 30 Words: A Devotional for the Rest of Us, to encourage, inspire, and convict us to dive into a deeper relationship with God, even when our day seems overfull. 30 Words guides the reader through reflection and practical application on 30 different words—like compassion, purpose, and patience.

Each day in March, we’ll share an excerpt from 30 Words, so you can reflect and pursue with us in the middle of your busy day.

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In case you missed the first few entries, we’ve embedded them below so you can catch up:

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Written by
Jake Mailhot

Jake Mailhot is the product manager for Lexham Press. He also writes about baseball and lives in Bellingham, WA.

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Written by Jake Mailhot