3 Worship Leader Pet Peeves (And Solutions)

A worship leader juggles a lot of responsibilities on Sunday mornings. Between choosing songs, putting together presentations, arranging music, managing teams, and traversing the actual worship experience, effective leaders need to deliver in many areas.

Nothing makes a Sunday morning more difficult than running into obstacles or realizing that the ball was dropped somewhere. Here are a few of my biggest pet peeves (and how Proclaim has solved them):

1. Typos and presentation mistakes

The Sunday-morning presentation is pieced together from lots of sources: sermon points, announcements, lyrics, and other tidbits. For many churches, this means everyone sends their info to a central point person, and that person puts together the presentation. This opens the presentation up to potential problems. Maybe the creator pulls nonstandard lyrics from the web or introduces typos into the presentation.

There were many Sundays when I didn’t get to see the presentation until we were live. One particularly disastrous morning, we were singing “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” and, instead of writing “let angels prostrate fall,” the presentation creator had typed “let angel’s prostate fall.” I watched the faces in the congregation go from puzzled to shocked, and then dissolve into total laughter. Imagine my chagrin when I turned around and saw what was causing all the commotion.

The Proclaim solution

With Proclaim, your whole team can collaborate from multiple internet-connected devices—log on anytime during the week and see how the presentation is coming together. You can also ensure the correct lyrics get pulled into your presentation with SongSelect integration. Being able to collaborate with my team and sanity check the details makes all the difference in the world.

2. Boring or inappropriate slides

I can’t count the times I’ve visited churches where the lyrics are superimposed over boring gradient-color PowerPoint slides or hidden in overly busy photo images. The way you visually present your information makes a huge impact. Sunday morning is too important to throw something together haphazardly.

The Proclaim solution

When you download Proclaim, you unlock over $800 in attractive free media resources. These resources are made to support your text—they’re foolproof.
Each Proclaim Smart Media theme includes several backgrounds, so you’ll maintain a consistent design across your service. For each theme, you’ll find most of the following slide types: welcome, song, Bible, open content, announcement, sermon title, and social media. We’re adding new art all the time.
You can also subscribe to Graceway Media and get access to thousands of fantastic images and videos. Your service presentation never has to be boring again!

3. Multiple touchpoints

It’s frustrating to have to deal with multiple nonintegrating service tools. Putting together a service often requires harmonizing information from various locations: the chords are here, the lyrics are there, Bible verses are being copied and pasted from another program, the service plan is here, and the presentation is happening over there . . .

The Proclaim solution

Proclaim integrates with Logos Bible Software, Planning Center, Graceway Media, and CCLI SongSelect. All the tools you need to put together a smart production are easily accessible.

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Written by Logos Staff
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