3 Ways Free Bible Software Will Revolutionize Your Study

We often forget that cutting-edge technology helped make the Reformation possible. But in fact, sixteenth-century publishers turned to a new-fangled device called the printing press to share the messages of Reformers at mass scale. And when they began to print Bible translations common people could actually read for themselves, a revolution in personal Bible study was born.

But for 500 years, the technology of Bible study remained largely the same. The only way to study God’s Word for yourself was to use an ancient technology nearly as old as the Christian faith itself: the codex, or bound book.

Then came Bible software.

Thanks to digital tools like Logos Bible Software, you can access thousands of Bible study resources with just your laptop or smartphone. You can find anything in Scripture with powerful searching. And insights that would take hours to uncover using paper resources can be unearthed in seconds.

And now, with Logos 7 Basic, getting started with Bible software is easy and free. The free version of Logos is the perfect way to get started using digital tools in your Bible study. And when you do, you’ll discover how Bible software can revolutionize your personal study.

Find anything in Scripture, fast

Have you ever run across something while reading the Bible and thought to yourself, “I wonder where else this biblical writer talks about this?”

You could find the answer using paper resources—maybe. First, you’d need the right books. Then, you’d need to know how to use them. And most of all, you’d need time. Lots and lots of time.

Or you could use Logos 7 Basic and find answers in seconds.

The Logos team has gone through the entire Bible—in Greek, Hebrew, and English—and tagged every word with essential information. They’ve even tracked biblical themes and people and places and things and connected them to passages in trusted biblical resources that explore them.

That means you can search a library of Bible study resources for a word or concept, and find just what you need in a few seconds.

Say you’re studying 1 Thessalonians 4:3 and come across the word “sanctification.” Just click on the word in English and you can search for everywhere that word appears in your Bible—all based on the original Greek. In a couple clicks, you’ll find everywhere that word appears in Scripture—no matter how it’s translated.

Even Google can’t do that kind of searching for you.

Keep track of all your notes

I’m a copious note taker. It’s not just that I’m constantly discovering insights I want to hang onto; it’s that the very act of taking notes solidifies what I’m learning in my memory. If I take the time to write something down, I’m much more likely to remember it later, even if I never look at the note again.

But the fact is, I’m unlikely to look at my notes again anyway—because I’m terrible at keeping track of them. I have years worth of insights packed away in notebooks, with no practical way of finding, say, what I learned about Galatians 3:4 when I studied it five years ago.

But when you take notes inside Logos, they stick to the passage you’re studying. So whenever you circle back to that passage, you can pick up right where you left off, or rediscover something you already learned. And best of all, if you want to study without distraction, a few clicks hides your notes and highlights from view.

See what trusted authors say, all in one place

Having a solid assortment of commentaries, sermons, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons, and other tools will deliver centuries of Christian wisdom to your Bible study.

Logos 7 Basic comes with a built-in collection of biblical resources. You get over a dozen books—including commentaries on the entire Bible. Plus, Basic automatically creates helpful guides summarizing everything your library has to say on any passage.

So if you’re studying Philippians 2, you can instantly see excerpts from your commentaries, dictionary articles, media, and more—everything you need, all in one place.

Get Logos 7 Basic for free now

Discover for yourself why thousands of Christians have turned to Logos 7 Basic to enhance their personal study time. You can get it for free, and there’s absolutely no obligation. Download Logos for free now.


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