4 Ways Free Bible Software Will Help You Survive Your Classes

If you’re a busy student trying to get the most out of your Bible education, Logos 7 Academic Basic is designed for you—and it’s free. Here are four reasons to consider Logos 7 Academic Basic:

Bundle serious resources—for free

Because serious study calls for serious resources, Logos 7 Academic Basic delivers a suite of study tools with fully searchable original language resources you can actually cite. You get the Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew lexicon, Greek and English versions of the Septuagint, the Lexham Hebrew Bible, a Greek New Testament (SBL), the Abbot-Smith Greek Lexicon, and more.

Study English translations side-by-side with Greek or Hebrew text or in reverse interlinear Bibles. Or jump from a word to information in a lexicon with just one click. Logos 7 Academic Basic empowers you to study the Bible and its world like a scholar—minus the pricetag.

Bring your library along—anywhere

Say goodbye to packing a mountain of heavy paper books to the coffee shop. Logos Academic Basic is designed for life, work, and study on the go. Access any of your resources at any time on your desktop, your mobile device, or online.

Find what you seek—instantly

Ever spend hours searching for obscure references in a lengthy index (with tiny print) or leafing through thousands of pages? Logos 7 Academic Basic let’s you search every word you need (even in Greek and Hebrew) in every resource. You’ll find the right spot in the right book, every time.

Guard your wallet—and your time

Logos 7 Academic Basic is an ideal way to get started with the study resources you need for seminary or Bible college—without a large financial commitment. You can easily expand on your library with additional free and purchased resources. So it’s the perfect tool to help you squeeze even more minutes out of your study hours, or more dollars out of your student budget.

And did we mention it’s free?

Get Logos 7 Academic Basic now.

Written by
Robert Elmer

Robert Elmer is a former reporter and copywriter who writes from his home in the Pacific Northwest. He has written more than fifty books, including youth and adult fiction as well as nonfiction. He is also the editor of the “Prayers of the Church” series from Lexham Press, which includes Piercing Heaven: Prayers of the Puritans and Fount of Heaven: Prayers of the Early Church.

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Written by Robert Elmer