3 Reasons Pastors Love Proclaim

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Some pastors spend 30 hours or more preparing a single sermon.

It takes time to prayerfully study Scripture, craft a relevant message, and prepare to share that message with your congregation.

That time is important. Pastors should spend time carefully preparing to share the gospel. But there’s more to a church service than a message, and pastors often have to spend too much time on other pieces.

It takes a lot of work to create professional-looking presentations. Is it necessary?

You don’t need motion graphics to have a meaningful worship experience. You don’t need great images to accompany your sermon slides (you don’t even need sermon slides!) to present the gospel.

But churches and pastors thoughtfully put together presentations every week because each of these elements can make the experience more meaningful.

Visually captivating motion graphics can mirror the mood a worship song is intended to create and help people align their hearts with the lyrics. They’re visual instruments your church can easily add to your worship band.

Quality sermon slides help capitalize on the main points of your sermon. They emphasize the things you want your congregation to remember, so your message can have a more lasting impact.

Visuals that connect to the message help your congregation focus, and can lead them to reflect on your sermons in new ways.

Welcome videos and slides help make people feel welcome—and feeling welcome is especially important to church visitors.

All of these pieces add up to a greater experience for your congregation—but it takes time to add them to your service. And that’s time you’d probably rather spend somewhere else. You could train a volunteer to run your presentations, but for many churches, building a presentation falls to the pastor.

That’s what makes Proclaim so valuable. It lets you create more professional-looking presentations in less time—so pastors can focus on the things that matter most.

“Every week I spend about five hours creating and researching engaging media,” says Allison Mitchell of RAF Lakenheath Chapel. “There are definitely other areas I could use this time.” That’s why her church uses Proclaim. “The speed, ease of use, and intuitive multi-media presentations you can create with Proclaim won me over.”

Here are three reasons pastors love Proclaim church presentation software:

1. Easily record and share your sermons

Proclaim lets you automatically record your sermons. Set the start and stop cues, and Proclaim will do the rest.

And Proclaim doesn’t just record your audio. It records your audio in sync with your slides, so online viewers can easily follow along.

When the service is over, publish your sermon to your church website with a click. You can have it done before your congregation even leaves the building. No more working through lunch with your family. No more handing off thumb drives and stumbling from program to program. The entire recording and publishing process happens in one place: Proclaim.

2. Build more professional presentations in less time

When we put media in Proclaim, our designers make sure every slide follows professional design standards by default. So what does that mean for you?

All you have to do is choose the media you want to use and enter your text. Proclaim automatically formats your text to fit the media. We’ve already selected the best font for each slide, the best colors to create contrast, and the ideal font size. We want your message to be as readable as possible, and Proclaim makes that happen automatically—so you don’t have to fiddle with the details.

One of the challenges to making professional-looking presentations is finding the right media for your message. There are too many church media brands and pricing options to choose from. If you’re digging through the free bin, you never know if you’re going to find what you need.

Proclaim comes loaded with thousands of slides, motions, welcome videos, countdown videos, and more. You can easily search through everything in your collection, and if you ever need more, Proclaim has an affordable church media subscription you can add on. Each piece is created specifically for the church, so you can always find something to use.

3. Quickly create relevant, useful slides

When you create your sermon slides in Proclaim, you can easily add practical text effects to make your main points stand out. Add fill-in-the-blank text to keep your audience engaged. Use fade-in text to emphasize a point. Change the text color to highlight key words and phrases.

Proclaim also comes with Bible book packs—maps, timelines, and custom slides for every book of the Bible. When you need Old Testament maps to help your congregation visualize the biblical world, Proclaim makes it easy to add them to your presentation.

If you use Logos Bible Software to study and prepare your sermons, you can send your work straight to Proclaim for your whole team to see.

And for the pastors who are afraid of change, but still understand the value of using professional church presentation software, we make the transition simple: you can import your slides from PowerPoint. So there’s really no excuse not to try it—it doesn’t even cost you a cent. Try Proclaim free.

Written by
Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson is a writer for OverviewBible, where he uses Logos to explore the characters, groups, places, and books of the Bible. He has served in a variety of volunteer ministry positions, primarily through Young Life.

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Written by Ryan Nelson