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22 Great Apps for Seminary Students

I value any apps that can help my seminary studies, enhance my ministry skills, and save me valuable time so that I have more time to rest and spend with people. Since starting in seminary, some of these apps have been very useful to me. Here is a list of my 22 favorite apps for the seminary life:

  1. Hangouts: An essential app by Google for having meetings with a group of people. Perfect for the leader who is on the go, but still needs to meet with their team. Or, perfect for the seminary students who need to hold a group meeting, but can’t find a time to meet in person. I once had a classmate join our team meeting and video chat with us from Disney World (where he was on vacation). Sometimes you need an app like this to get together with your team and keep things moving forward.
  2. Keynote: This is Apple’s version of Powerpoint. It’s sleek and easy-to-use, plus you can sync it with your Mac and mobile devices. Definitely worth the price.
  3. Keynote Remote: Works well when you are using Keynote on your Mac. This app turns your phone or tablet into your remote. Very useful.
  4. HootSuite: The most successful social media scheduler, with many different abilities and functions. Sign up for a free account and start managing every social network you have from one spot. You can schedule out all of your social media updates in advance, which makes this app a big time-saver for those who need (or want) to efficiently use social media!
  5. Pandora: Great app for listening to your favorite music mixes in the office or while traveling.
  6. Spotify: Great way to listen to music but not have to purchase it. Only downside is you can’t purchase any music, and the ads are sometimes… odd. Take a look at this review to learn more about using Spotify in ministry.
  7. Feedly: This is my replacement for the Google Reader. It takes blog posts and articles, and then displays them in a sleek list for you to view. Definitely one of my favorite apps.
  8. Pro Presenter Remote: A remote to let you control Pro Presenter from anywhere in the room.
  9. ShoeBoxed: Take a picture of your receipt, email it to yourself, and get a reimbursement form filled out for you. Also, keep track of other things, such as your mileage!
  10. Facebook Pages Manager: Update your church’s Facebook page, right from the app!
  11. GroupMe: Text groups of people, regardless of their phone or service provider.
  12. Buffer: An excellent app that schedules your social media updates at the optimized viewing time.
  13. Pinterest: My wife’s favorite ministry ideas hub. Secretly, one of my favorite ministry ideas hubs.
  14. Dragon Dictation: Don’t have time to write? Simply dictate everything you want to say, and this app will write it all down. Very helpful for writing when you simply don’t have the time to sit down and write.
  15.  Evernote: A great organization app for seminary students and ministry leaders. The ability to take notes, make recordings, jot down ideas, and other functions is well worth the price (which is free!). If you own several mobile devices, you can access your Evernote materials from them or pretty much anywhere.
  16. Scannable: Scans business cards and saves the info. Great way to keep track of information when you are networking with others. Integrates with Evernote easily.
  17. Clips: A clipboard that backs up everything you copy and paste into it. Great way to keep track of important information.
  18. Day One Journal: One of the most popular journaling apps.
  19. Logos Bible: If you own Logos Bible Software, this app lets you access your entire library from your mobile device!
  20. ePrint: Print wirelessly from your tablet.
  21. Paper: Draw and write on your tablet, just like it was a piece of paper.
  22. Starbucks: The ultimate app for every leader. You know what I’m talking about. Download the app, put some money on the gift card, enjoy the coffee rewards, and keep on studying!

Steven Knight is a Christ follower, husband, ministry leader, and student in the ThM program at Dallas Theological Seminary. Steven is a visionary leader with a deep desire to equip a new generation of children’s and family ministry leaders through his speaking, consulting, and writing ministries. He frequently blogs over at

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Written by
Ryan Burns

Ryan Burns is a past Marketing Manager at Faithlife and now works at Redemption Hill Church in Richmond, VA.

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Written by Ryan Burns