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The Epistle of James


Expounding on the character and condition of the churches found in the text, Augustus Neander offers critical exegesis on the Epistle of James.

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  • Preface by H. C. Conant
  • Exposition on the Epistle of James
  • In-depth introduction
The scholar, and the reflecting individual who desires to catch their significance, breathed forth refreshingly upon his soul, can find nothing better.

New Englander and Yale Review

  • Title: The Epistle of James
  • Author: Augustus Neander
  • Publisher: Lewis Colby
  • Publication Date: 1852
  • Pages: 122

Augustus Neander was a professor of theology at the University of Berlin. He is the author of Uber den Kaiser Julianus und sein Zeitalter, Der heilige Bernard und sein Zeialter, and a work on Gnosticism entitled Genetische Entwickelung der vornehmsten gnostichen Systems.